Squeegee problems

Hi, I’m new to window cleaning and I am really bad at it. When I drag my squeegee, sometimes the water gets dragged along and stays on the glass. Also, the rubber keeps getting offset for some reason. I also leaves large triangles or squares of water when fanning. How can I stop these things from happening?

Learn the basics first and get proficient at that, then expand your technique to learning fanning. You will find both methods are needed and if you practice you will become efficient and fast.
Basic squeegee method

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Unger made a four part window cleaning tutorial for sale on DVD. They charged $50. Worth every penny. Now it’s free on YouTube. Here’s part one. Traditional Window Cleaning: Know Your Tools – Tutorial Video 1 - UNGER - YouTube

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Just keep practicing. Make sure you have a enough soap in your solution !
Don’t now what you mean the rubber keeps getting offset ?

Must need clips, or not enough soap so the drag is pulling the rubber around?

What type of squeegee are you using? Sounds like you need more soap, or you may need to angle the handle so there is less rubber on the glass, i.e. your handle needs to be further away from the glass. Your likely leaving triangles because your pressure is not consistent across the channel when you turn. Mike is right, learning the basics with straight pulls first for awhile. I personally didn’t get fanning until I got a swivel handle.