Squeegee rubber change

I know that there are so many different correct answers to the question that i am about to ask, these answers differing due to the fact that some of us use squeegees more than others and/or different brand squeegees in different jobs and so on but:

How often do you change your squeegee rubber, or turn it over?
How long does each rubber blade last for YOU?

We all use squeegees to some extent (i hope) so i want every one to answer this question…i want to hear all different opinions on the matter as only recently have i come to discover the results obtainable with a fresh rubber blade as apposed to a worn blade.

So if you have visited this thread share YOUR OPINION on this topic. thanks:)

We change ours everyday.

I flip mine when required; I change mine when required.

The frequency varies dependent upon the condition of the glass (except my detailing squeegee, which I also use on lower commercial/store front frames to move water away) and quality of the specific piece of rubber.

When ever I feel more pressure needs to be applied I flip, and when I feel it again it’s on to another rubber. I use medium/hard rubber here in FL. The kind of rubber you buy makes a huge difference. I tried Unger Soft and that sucked for me, I could go through 2-3 rubbers in one day…BUT that’s also due to the fact of location and humidity/heat play one of the biggest roles down south.

Matt, what hard rubber are you using ? what size?

We change ours as needed. Some guys are gentle with them and they last longer. average time is about a week to week and a half for us. once we flip them they are only good for a day or two. We are in a dry climate so we all like the ettore soft. seems to last the best for us.

Pulex Hard…18,14,12
WagTail Rubber (Which is a Meduim Hard) and looks cool redish-orange…18,14,12
Which feels kinda Meduim hard to me because it so secure in the channel probbaly; I just use for pole work) 22,18,14

The squeegee that I use most regularly, I change the rubber after about 2 or 3 days of 8 hour work. I usually flip it over on the second day.

I use unger soft

Like Mike,
about every 2 days of 8hs, with my Ettore rubber, I use the soft.

i use mine for a week or so. and yes i just use dish soap, it works better than gg3 or gg4 in my opinion, ohhhh and it is cheaper too

But not enough to make any real difference.

I dont know Larry, what do you like to use for soap?

So once you flip the rubber, is usually after 2/3rds of its total lifespan?

Thats what I do too.

That might be in the ballpark, but it depends why you flipped it in the first place (e.g. nick, etc.)

Sounds as though you might want to start another topic/poll.

I think GG4 gives a better finish - but yes, dish soap for dishes is great to work with. I don’t think dish soap works out cheaper, I use the dose bottle & it works out around 4 times cheaper than when I used ordinary dish wash liquid. The customers also comment on the clearer difference & longevity of GG4. If you’re on monthly accounts or less you will probably be better using dish soap.

e or at the top, a lot of water come in behind your pull. This can be a sign that it is time to change. Also if you have to push harder to keep the water infront of the squeegee it may be time. Pay attention to how you store your channels. If you don’t protect the edges of the blade you will cause damage to the edge and may have to replace them more than once a day.


I am just asking tough guy

buy it, I like to have the option of fanning or pulling.