Squeegee rubber

what are some telltale signs when it’s time to change the rubber in your squeegee?

If u are leaving streaks. If your edges are rounded over on your rubber. On your larger channel sizes you have to change them quite often depends on how many windows u have down with that rubber or if you are not doing a ton of windows how long u have let it sit. If it has set for a while it Will get dried out and it will not work right as well. But u can usually take that rubber and trim it down to your smaller channel sizes. And it will work fine. Hope that helps.

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This is amazing. Thanks 4 yur post man

… The sun came up.

[MENTION=1912]Matthew[/MENTION] what happen to the monkey with the squeegee ?? I love that pic

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Thanks for replying Chad. I’ve been having trouble leaving behind dirty windows. I think it’d time for new rubber.

thanks for the info Chad. I think it’s time to change the rubber.

My rule of thumb. If you have to ask, its time to change the rubber :wink:

Thanks for the reply Alex.

Happy to help.

I change my rubber out everyday. I also tie it in a knot when I’m finished with it. Nothing worse than trying to use an old rubber. Lol. But seriously, having fresh line is just as important as having fresh water. I do this for residential cleaning. You will tear up your rubber more quickly per window.

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