Squeegee Storage

New Window Cleaner here, currently this is my side job and i will get calls randomly for jobs throughout the day. My question is how can I keep my squeegees in my vehicle without ruining them? Where i live it gets very hot and i know heat and rubber dont mix. How do yall store your squeegees to protect them from the heat?

I put mine on ice every day with a six pack of beer.


I do windows daily out of a pickup. I leave them in the water I used on the last job. Keep em wet. If your that worried about squeegee rubber prices, you aren’t charging enough.

I use a few garage wall tool hangers fastened to my shelf in the van. Keeps the rubber from touching anything, works great for me!

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This elusive question is actually a good one!
I was always taught from the beginning,

1 never leave a squeegee sitting face down anywhere .

#2 never leave your newer rubber in a squeegee sitting in your bucket of water, it takes the sharp edge off! Empty the water…
#3 never leave your pack of new rubbers sitting in sunlight daily, like in the bed of a pickup, or in a your vehicle’s back window.
#4 store the squeegees in a spare bucket, or even the one you use daily, free of water and other equipment that may have sharp edges that can nick the rubber.

On a personal note:
I leave my daily equipment in my empty bucket for the next day’s use. I don’t worry too much about serious longevity because a full time window cleaner, cleaning 300-600 windows daily goes through a side of the squeegee rubber every day!

Hope this helps
“The Window ninja” :ninja:

Do you think this is because of the dirt in the water and the rubber grinding against it?
I never really considered it like that.

Most likely the culprit yes. I do leave it in my bucket all day while I’m working, just not overnight in a bucket of old water. I’ve seen guys grab new blades from the shop on a Monday morning and head out for their work day and throw all the brand new rubber in their water to start the week lol :rofl:. I was like uh yeah… “ Don’t do that!!!