Help me change my squeegee rubber

Moerman Liquidator 2.o

Release the channel from the handle, and then mine just slips right out after applying a little soap leaving end clips as they are

Oh clips dont come off??


Thanks thought it would be easier lol

How do you like that squeege.

I do not like to use scissors to cut rubber, many times the cut will not be neat enough. those hose cutting things or even a scraper does it better if you have a surface to cut it on.

As for clipping the corners off, I believe it can be optional depending on the types of windows you are dealing with, if you have shallow frames it wont make any difference I have not clipped the corners off my rubbers on my 14 and 18" in about 18 months I use these channels exclusively and I still get detail free windows all except the finish out point on the bottom of the glass, which happens regardless if the corners are there or not.

In another thread someone else posted pics of which frames if you deal with then you would need to clip the corners off they are mainly deep wooden frames.

Why is necessary to cut that much of a angle on the ends.
It appears cutting that much squeegee rubber off at that angle leaves small amount of squeegee rubber at the tips.
Which would roll as you squeegeeing in turn leaving lines.
If you cut squeegee rubber square to the tip.
You have far less likelihood of the squeegee rubber rolling at the tips of the clips.

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