Stackable ladder anyone?

Hey guys, anyone use stackable/sectional ladder? If so, what brand? Alaco, Metallic brand (I think).

I’m asking because I can’t stand the new and only brand that now manufactures this type of ladder (Metallic?). Alaco stopped selling their version of them so I’m constantly scouring Craigslist for them. The problem I’m having is how much the Metallic brand rubs on one another and are super difficult to unstack. They’re also way heavier than the Alaco stuff. Maybe I should see if I can contract a company to make improved sets if there is enough demand :thinking:.

I have a newer set of Metallic’s. You’re right about them being super tight. I tried using a ratchet strap to angle in the top of center and base sections, but as soon as I loosen the strap they went back to same position. What ended up work was using a mallet and giving a good couple wacks.


Also, I believe metallic is now the company that offers window cleaning ladders here in the states. I’m not even sure how much longer. They stopped selling spare parts like the yolks (sorry @Infinity, no more building half pieces).

Don’t even say that word to me right now.


I also use Alaco, metallic doesn’t compare. I purchased 2 sets when they went out of business. If you see them , buy them.

I make the guys I work with use the metallic when needed or for punishment. LOL

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I should explain…

Deep breaths…deeeeeep breaths. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


If your doing under the arch its close to still being on side walk, may not need to be in street.


Wow. I just learned a bunch. My old boss had a stackable ladder. When I went out on my own I bought one. Mine has always been tighter to undue than my bosses’, now I know why. Amazing. I’ve used a little WD40 on the ends and that’s helped for a couple of days.

  1. I didn’t realize these ladders were going out of fashion/production. Is there a reason why?
  2. If people aren’t using these what kind of ladder do people use?

You whack the inside outward to create more space? Is that what you’re saying? With my alacos, I already just used a file to file the inside where the sections meet each other and it was super buttery. mmm.

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I’ve literally been looking everyday in 3 states down the west coast :expressionless: for the past 6 months.

I have a set of Alaco’s but was forced into a set of new metallic ladder. They are worse in every way. I wonder if there were patents that they tried to avoid. The overall width is even skinnier, sucks!

Hahaha! Do you have Alacos or Metallic? Alacos I can do 5 without using the house as a crutch, but the Metallics I have to use the house for 4 sections and literally put a ton of weight on the bottom rung to get each sections un hooked! Been using Alaco brand for 8 years, so Im not used to this new ladder. Alaco’s make me more money, plain and simple.

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I think there are safety issues (go figure) for people who just aren’t used to using them. Also, people would go over the recommended height (24 feet I think) and do all sorts of stupid crap with them. They are spendy as hell too, but I would pay $1200 for a used set of 4.5 section Alacos in a heartbeat.


No I would hit them inward to create more space.

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Oh ok, right. The tops of the sections. Great idea. Gonna do that today

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Not sure off-hand… Got em used.

Btw, i had issues with tightness too but solved them with a $0.99 candle from Walmart. I read on a fireman’s forum that that is how they maintain glide in their extension ladders. Figured it was worth a try before hammering my sectionals and it worked.

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Your suppose to hit the forks with a rubber mallet to separate the forks and they will separate easily. This is what is recommended by the manufacturer.

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Ok, Ill try that. The main problem that I found is that the sides themselves rub on eachother.

The more you use them it becomes less of a issue.

If they’re to tight they really are useless in my opinion. I started using sectional ladders in 1975 and they came apart very very easily. No pins either. I believe the snugness and the pins were added for safety reasons. Ladders slipping apart and morons having accidents.

I love sectional ladders! The original design was a pleasure to use, a real time saver and money maker.

OSHA and lawsuits

Those sectional ladders must be just an american thing,i ve never seen them sold here or used by anyone here for that matter.