Stainless steel blades vs regular scraper blades

I use triumph 6" I have another large ccu job which blades work better I need to place order. I always use stainless steel but they break so easily are the other ones better. I’m in huge hurry will have to check your answers from my phone cuz i gotta run…

I use carbon on CCU due they don’t break as easy.

For REALLY bad CCU, I use Triumph Heavy Duty blades and Heavy Duty handle.

I like the carbon blades, not so brittle, seem to hold a sharp edge a little longer, but they will rust up pretty quick so you gotta keep 'em dry when not using them.

I treat carbon like steel wool – they’re one use consumables.

And, they rust very quickly when used with harsh (CCU) chemicals such as phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, and hydrofluoric acid.

Consumables, I like that Good point.