Starbuck's commercial

I just saw a new Starbuck’s commercial that featured a window cleaner getting a coffee from a penguin. I guess Craig’s having an impact out there in Cali.:smiley:

Ever realize that Starbucks baristas only call you by your first name when you pay with your credit card?

Get Naked!

Here’s the video:

// Window Washer - YouTube

Notice the political correctness when you look at the window to the left. It was clever marketing.

Yes…im waiting for my “Kickbacks” but…i wont hold my breath!! Cleverly marketed is right! Doggone it…now im gonna have to go get me a “Doppio”:smiley:

Sorry Larry I don’t have a Naked louge around here. If you’d like to send me a sample I could give it a taste test to see how it compares to my discerning midwest palate.:smiley:

I will. I sent a pound o’ espresso beans to Craig after he bought that machine – perhaps he can provide his ‘expert’ opinion.

Thanks Larry. That’s very generous of you!

Yes…the beans Larry sent me were very good! That i cannot lie.

I do appreciate that a very kind gesture!