Starting a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel! Will be tips and tricks to window cleaning and things like that. I grew up in the industry since my dad started a business and have always wanted to start a YT channel about work!

Here’s the link

I’ll be posting once a week starting this upcoming week, thanks guys! First video will be about how to fan with two hands but won’t be like other videos.

Would really appreciate a subscription! Thanks guys!

I think what you have is a tictok page rather than something window cleaners would be interested in. I personally don’t watch window cleaning videos I know how to clean windows, the majority of people that watch window cleaning videos are the people looking for tips or instructions, not a 10-15 sec of a flair video with the mop twirling and such, not really something you would do if you were not being filmed or watched.


You’d be surprised. I’m transferring away from those 10-15 videos to 5 minute videos with tips and tricks to the business! Flipping your mop has an advantage on getting the end with more water to the other side of the window to soak it better. Looks cool and also has function. A lot of guys said fanning wasn’t necessary or swivel tools as well

I call those guys the stroke and wipe guys, imho if you can’t fan your not a professional window cleaner, you’re a janitor with a squeegee.


Maybe Dakota Fanning

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