Starting Business in Oklahoma and can't figure out what I legally need! Please help!

I haven’t been able to get in touch with any window cleaners with very small businesses here in OK, and I need help. I know I need to register my business name, but do I register it as a trade name, sole proprietorship, or LLC? What else do I need to do to make sure I’m legal and have the proper licenses? I was under the assumption I could obtain a DBA from my county courthouse but can’t figure out if this is true. Do I need to be bonded and insured from the start, and if so how do I do this?

Lots of stuff going on here. The simplest form of business is the sole-proprietor. Nothing needed other than you business license that can be attained at your city court house or county building. Some municipalities (cities) may not require a license. You simply have to call and ask. You will most likely fall under “janitorial” vs window cleaning. DBA simply means you are licensed under your own personal name, but doing business as XXXX. Don’t get overwhelmed. The process is quite simple… Just call City Hall business licenses and County Court house. They have all the answers regarding licenses.

Thank you so much! I expected people to say “look it up” like my other thread. I wouldn’t be here if I could find what I’m asking by simply looking it up, so thank you.

I assumed that’s where I would get the DBA, but I called and they act like they have no idea. So, a DBA is all I need at the moment? When do I need to be bonded and insured?


Like [MENTION=11239]PopLook[/MENTION] said it is really a easy process.

And yes I would strongly suggest “INSURANCE” from the get go to protect yourself,in case of a accidental accident…things do happen.

Good Luck.

I agree.

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve called city hall and the courthouse, and they act like they have no idea what I’m talking about. In my city you don’t have to have a DBA, supposedly, but I want my “business” to be searchable want to be registered so people can find me. This should be a really simple process, but it’s obviously not going to be.

I’m from Oklahoma. You’re making it a lot harder than it is. DBA is at the bank. That way you can deposit checks. You don’t need a business license, for what we do. You don’t need insurance but you’d be ignorant to not have it. Once you hire is when you have to start worrying about a tax id number.

The reason people have been telling you to look stuff up on your other thread, is because you’re asking so many questions that are easily answered by doing just a little bit of work by yourself. We all had to…

Just go clean a window and make some damn money.

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What do you mean you want your business searchable?

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I just looked at my 2014 Licenses for three cities I operate in. Each list my trade (Company) name and address. My personal name is not on the License. But the DBA is usually an administrative term for banks, insurances, etc. In their case, the are dealing with a private individual who is DBA as XXXXX. So, again, all you have to do is find out if you need a license to operate in your respective city or county as a window washer. The licensing agency does not care about DBA. If you need to talk…email me your number to, I will call you.

You may be better off registering with the state, I’m assuming that would be in Oklahoma City. They may be able to direct you properly. Or perhaps do you have an acquaintance who is already running a comparable business who can guide you?
The laws and requirements vary state to state.

Gee thanks. That was really worth posting to you? Jesus…

Thanks. What “licenses” are you referring to? I’m just gathering knowledge. By searchable I mean I want people to be able to google “window cleaners in ______ county” and my biz be listed in the results or maybe be able to use google maps and find me. There’s a very small biz here that I’ve found listed in everything I search online or on YP Mobile iPhone app. I think you all are correct about registering with my state. I think that’s the answer to all my questions.

But yes, DBA is for the bank and I didn’t remember that until you said it. I still need to get a DBA for my bank to add a business account.

You need a website if you want people to be able to search and find you.

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All you have to do is go into your bank, tell them you start such and such window cleaning, tell them you need a dba, and you’re good.

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Awesome. Thank you. I was under the impression you had to obtain a DBA from your county courthouse and that the bank needed the DBA to set-up an account for that biz.


Was trying to help you. He answered your question…

Stated how you do a BDA… I.E sole-proprietor. It is a piece of cake here.
You are making things a little to difficult for yourself.

How do you eat an elephant?? One bite @ a time

Part of the reason your getting “look it up” . Is that the information is here… That’s why there is a search button.
Guy’s here a running a business. That takes time & effort. They have given out alot of their knowledge here.

You have to take the time to find it. We don’t have enough time to hold your hand. Answering every question.

That is not saying we won’t. Many here will walk you through things. But they are going to want to see.

You’re hungry enough to go after it… If i want something bad enough. I’ll take the time,spend the effort for it.

Ask one or two questions. Not a whole paragraph full of them…

Just my 2 cents


That’s now it is in Texas

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The help I need is with the questions I ask. I don’t need life lessons, counselors, or sarcasm from people on an online forum. I’m obviously having a difficult time finding answers with the almighty “search button” or I wouldn’t waste your time with asking. I’ve spent days searching for answers to extremely simple questions, but I’ve never ran a business, obviously, and don’t have a ton of knowledge like you all do. Forums are for asking questions when you don’t know or can’t find answers because you people have a plethora of wisdom. If you don’t want to answer questions then simply don’t reply. Also, with such bad grammar, I can’t even comprehend what you or John is trying to say! Don’t worry, I won’t tempt you to preach to me by asking another question. Thank you guys who offer your wisdom freely and without sarcasm. It is definitely appreciated!

Dude you live in the same area… Of course your not going to get hand held treatment.


[MENTION=5633]AllWashedUp[/MENTION] and [MENTION=10960]goldeneagle[/MENTION] where trying to explain and help you…

But I guess you figured it out:

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