Starting question?


This site is a great resource! I have my first non-friends and family client today.

What are the weather conditions you Do Not do windows in?

Do you offer any touch ups or the like if it rains the following day? I don’t see how this would really work if I gain more clients.


Depends on your area. In the Southwest we get dust storms so you might as well go home. I’ve cleaned down to -10 but prefer not to.

We did have a 7 day rain guarantee and most people won’t bother you. I think I had one call back in 7 years.

If I’m going to get too wet I go home. If I’m going to be too cold, I go home. If it’s too hot I go home.
I’m just a fucking pussy, but hey, it all gets done. 3 day rain guarantee, they must call me if they get spots from rain. I get a call every couple of years.


I live on the east coast of Florida. Weather changes by the hour here pretty much. I try NOT to do any coastal jobs if it is going to be blowing East, Southeast, Northeast any higher than 20 miles per hour. I pay attention to the waves heights on the coast, if we are getting 5-7 foot waves with a 20-30mph wind— there WILL be salt spray on the windows in MINUTES after cleaning…

Rain guarantee? Yeah, I guarantee you it will probably rain after I am done. If you clean the windows, unless you are getting a major storm with freak gusts of 50 mph…the windows dry spot free. Rain water is pure water

Are you commercial only ?
We are Midwest and Residential has always tapered off after holidays and picks back up in March /Apr. Although we accommodate year round residential. Our Commercial and Routes are year round. If you mean weather conditions ( Cold - Rain ? ). We just get it done !