Starting up again

Hello everyone,

I used to have a window cleaning business and enjoyed it so much and only left it for heath issues… I want to start it up again and have employees doing 90% of the work. I have a good access cab truck (Toyota Tundra) already. Lets say I have a 3K budget for the rig, equipment, water fed pole etc… What can we do with 3K just in equipment and rig setup… Marketing, website, payroll, insurance, etc will come from another budget.

Thanks so much for the under 3K start up.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your startup!

Click the link to the store…everything you need is there…

It is hard to give any solid advice without knowing what you are trying to achieve on a 3k budget.

  • How many employees will be doing 90% of the work? Payroll can chew up some cash.
  • Define “rig”
  • Waterfed pole set up can burn through your 3k budget before you fill any other needs.
  • Website, although quite handy in today’s world, chews up precious start up funds.

Point is, lots of variables only you can sit down and tally up on paper. Since you have done this before you know what you need and what can wait. What is your running total on that?

Best of luck by the way!

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