Statement from glass tempering company

Here’s a link to AIS website page on tempered glass. Scroll down to the section on roller marks. Interesting!:wink:
Tempered Glass - AIS Glass Solutions

Interesting. I wonder what they do if they find out a sheet of glass is defective because it has “roller marks” on it? Do they replace it for the customer? I wonder if this could be used to help the customer understand what fd’s are?

I found it interesting that they talk about roller marks then say it comes from shattered glass fragments on the rollers and then say it’s poor maintenance and shouldn’t be there. Classic admission of a defective product if I’ve ever seen one!:wink:

Really just reinforces what I posted on Masters. More and more manufacturers are just saying this is it, take it or leave it. Defective in the window cleaners eyes, not in the manufacturers nor buyers eyes. When it was purchased it was perfect. :wink:

Did you read the same part on roller marks that I did.:confused:
They said that roller marks should not be there. That they were the result of poor furnace roller cleaning procedures and debris from glass in the oven where it shouldn’t be. Just the opposite of what you were saying.

Why do you always attempt to twist words? What I said on MWCoA was given a hypothetical scenario of manufacturers getting to the point of just laying out the truth and saying yes, indeed the glass is flawed but we are still going to sell it to you this way.

Not saying that it positively will go down that way but when you have manufacturers essentially admitting they are doing things this way it’s not a bonus for us, it’s a bad thing IMO. Bad because it only covers their behinds when the issue is brought up in court down the line because they can defend themselves by stating that they explain why glass ends up this way.

I’m not gonna mix this with you any further than this because it will get stupid. Keep taking what Dan taught you and running with it. We all do it. :slight_smile:

Dwight I don’t understand you’re thought process at all. The article plainly shows they consider roller marks a defect. How can that admission be anything but beneficial when we say the same thing? In a court case if it’s defective they lose.
You seem to take issue w/ everything I say. Would you prefer that I take Dan’s words and pass them off as my own?
What Dan has shown is factual and the best way to deal w/ this issue. We could continue to discuss this but clearly you’d rather do things the way you’ve always done them.

Last post: Point is, if a manufacturer of any product clearly states on their website that a product has “limitations” then they are then protected by stating such. If all glass manufacturers start putting similar language alongside their products it would say to me that they are admitting the product has limitations and must be handled a certain way or it will not perform properly.

Clear as mud? I hope so because now I’m done. Merry Christmas Tony. :slight_smile:

We will never see eye to eye on this Dwight. They didn’t say limitations they said it shouldn’t be there. Have a nice weekend.

Dwight, would it make u feel better to pay for the glass that you damaged !!! But if u had a waiver signed no problem !!! How can u prove that u didn’t do this damage ??? I could care less why for. How come there is damage !!! I did’nt do this !!! Waiver drops this !! My atty said i should have one too !! I’m trying to educate the customer and fellow window cleanings of abuse !!! It’s up to u where or not u use a waiver !! Some day this will come up and u will spend a lot of bucks defending your self and company !! Signed waiver or no work !!! Stan,pro window kleening, 26 years and pro