State's workers' compensation laws in Florida

A two-day sting has led to the closure of 70 Florida businesses — including 24 in South Florida — because of violations of the state’s workers’ compensation laws.
Random site visits by the state Department of Financial Services found the companies failed to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees.
State law says construction-related companies must have workers’ compensation coverage if they have one or more employee, including the owner. This applies to window cleaning companies.Other businesses must have the coverage if they have four or more employees, excluding business owners.
More than 360 liens have been filed against delinquent employers since late 2009, totaling $13.7 million.
The companies caught without the right coverage or coverage violations were issued stop-work orders, which require businesses to shut down until proper coverage is obtained and a penalty is paid.

[B]Its about time! Hopefully they will catch the lowballers in my area. You know who you are![/B]

I agree. It’s unfair that these businesses go unnoticed while the rest of us bear the burden and do it legit. Dont know about you but Workers’ Comp is the best deal going in my area for accidential insurance on the job. Hope Florida sends a message to the rest of the US. I get sick of hearing people say that they got 1099’d at the end of the year because their employer listed them as subs. I havent heard one instance from a 1099’d employee that meets the criteria for being classified as a sub. Not one. These companies that fly under the radar without doing it legit get what they deserve in the end when they get caught.


I agree with everything they’re saying except this:

I really don’t understand why a one-man operation is required to carry workers’ comp. I carry 1 mil of general liability, but if I get hurt on the job- that’s my fault, and if I choose not to cover myself, isn’t that <i>my</i> problem? Should I be forced to spend that money?

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I am starting up my window cleaning business in Florida, and I will not start working until I am in compliance with the laws. I currently have everything required to get me started and conducting business - except for the insurance.

It is just myself that will do the work, operating under my fictitious name. I do not plan to hire additional workers until I survive the first year in business. I plan to do commercial and residential jobs. My tallest ladder is 6’ tall, and I have a 12’ extension pole.

I’d like to be armed with more knowledge before calling any insurance agencies. I am on a budget. I can afford a small down payment and then continue making monthly payments. I am anxious to begin cleaning windows using my business name!

I have newbie questions about the insurance

  1. Is Workers Comp a full insurance policy wherein it acts as general liability, plus additional types of coverage?

  2. About how much (ballpark) will Workers Comp cost me per year?

  3. At what website operated by the State can I read more about the new requirement for Workers Compensation in Florida?

  4. What insurance company[s] are best for window cleaners starting up on a budget?


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I spoke with a representative with the Florida Deptarment of Financial Services. Window cleaning companies (non-construction) are required to get Workers Comp only if they have 4 or more employees. Otherwise, general liability is satisfactory.


I don’t know about there in Florida, but that’s only true as a sole-proprietor here in AZ. Once incorporated, I had to carry worker’s comp. even though I was the only employee at the time.

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Mike, I am in Florida. Do you have any suggestions of insurance agencies to check for WC quotes?

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FYI, if you click on his avatar, you’ll see he hasn’t logged on here in over 2 years. I see a lot of the old threads resurrected. He’s probably not going to get your question.

Ask the company who provides your general liability policy. That’s a good place to start. You can also call some national companies like State Farm, etc.

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