Stay safe!

Not to be negative or anything, but I doubt many window cleaners would have used a ladder for those, and would have cleaned those particular windows traditionally just as well only in about half the time, would you clean the lowers with pure water or switch to hand tools?

DO you see pure water replacing all types of window cleaning?

I only ask coz I use WFP on all residential external cleans due to the fact I can clean all the aspects of the frames I have to deal with here and its much faster, however with that being said I would have done that job that you are doing traditionally with 30" squeegee and have it done.

If you are going to solely go water fed, then you need a range of brushes , it just looks silly using a 12-16" brush on huge panes and telling people to stay safe, when your not really staying safe IMO using such a small brush head all that repetitive stress, well over stress for you could be doing that in much less movements, its just like a guy using a 12" squeegee and washer for commercial glass, scale up and be SAFE! :wink:

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I would love to see your brush collection in action. I await your video…

The building in this video is huge. There are different levels. One guy would be here for days doing traditional methods.

Window cleaners are falling off ladders, due to bad decisions. One Go Fund Me page is one too many. The fact that you focused on the size of the brush is disturbing. Ladders are handy if you have staff to hold them. Guys are taking too many chances.

The message is simple. Don’t over analyze to score points with you buddies on the forum.

I’m a window cleaner not a video production enthusiast.
You might be waiting a while…

Are you in disagreement with the critique?

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Here we go so I reply and instead of replying to my post you edit a previous post.
The problem is You come here telling us we are all doing it wrong and " be safe" when the video you posted does NOT require a ladder so your title then is kinda lets judge how safe you are actually being , weeeeeell you have heard my opinion.
Its not ladders that is the problem is a total LACK of training in the USA of safe work operations this came up last week on another topic about high rise, its not just high rise and common sense won’t cut it these days there are far to many lackadaisical people in this world that care nothing about human life and only the $$ signs, not saying anyone on here is just in general.
Here when a few people die from the same type of thing , there is an inquiry and shit gets changed, its why I can’t own a gun unless I am a member of a shooting club, and its why we have less workplace deaths on % vs most countries, because in the 1980s we had a large number of workplace deaths and since then I need a ticket (training,license) to almost wipe my ass correctly :wink:

I’m not here to gain forum points or what ever you claimed, What I do is tell it like it is…

these are actual questions…

Tell me where in the video I tell you you are doing it wrong. It was a simple video, giving an important message - Stay safe!

Where does it say, “throw your ladders and squeegees away?”

I love squeegee work. A large majority of window cleaners work alone, and are taking chances. You are just trying look cool for your buddies. It’s time for everyone on this forum to start sending out positive messages instead of criticizing every small detail.

Some of the biggest leaders in our industry don’t come on this forum anymore because of lack of composure and insight.


Where the HELL do you get off

Your really pissing me off now mate

I don’t have “buddies”

You don’t say it you imply unless your working with WFP your not safe and that really annoys the hell out of me.
Are you certified to work on a construction site?
Are you certified to work safely at heights?
Are you certified to operate a work platform?
Are you certified for twin rope access and rescue?

I am certified in all of the above and have many thousand hours of experience in these, I also do use pure water as I have mentioned.
You can’t just come out with a scare campaign, Training is the key and is the message a responsible person would be spreading.

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How is Stay safe, a scare campaign!

The video talks about Pure Water Cleaning, and it’s benefits. No where does it say, “Pure Water Cleaning or else!”

It’s a fun one minute video, with a simple, but important message.

Get over yourself - mate!

Yeah, you don’t need leaders or wfp for those windows. Pole and wagtail/excellerator for about 1/4 the time as wfp. Pole and mop and squeegees still about 1/3 the time as wfp.

Wfp isn’t a magic wand. It’s situational. Just because it can replace a ladder doesn’t mean it should in all cases. And just because it can do the work of a mop and squeegee doesn’t mean it should as well.

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Hey Jared,

Again… the video was a simple video with a positive message. I don’t use water fed pole for every job. I too mix up in different situations. Some of your colleagues on the forum are quick to judge.

Sometimes, just sometimes the message is simple and fun. Not every post needs a critical response.

Thanks for your thoughtful response Jared.

Next time say "hey 1 min fun vid"
Not “Stay safe!”

You get over yourself :roll_eyes:

Go put some shrimp on the Bar-B and chill.

Hi Alan your back!

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Hi Chris!

Happy belated Birthday…

Just trying to send some positive messages.

Thanks for having me!

This is where people are to quick to change how work is performed. Just because one guy did something stupid, maybe try to eliminate ladder moves by reaching too far or work in extremely windy conditions should not change how everyone approaches the job they work.

99% of accidents are human error, working to fast, inexperienced or whatever.

Don’t change an industry because people can be stupid.

Enforce proper bid times on jobs so people can work safer.

Train people with the tools of their trade.

Enforce safe working conditions.


The video was fine for website use or to show customers what you do and how.

As a trade video, not so much. Most likely, I would have just poled it. Definitely wouldn’t use a ladder.

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Nice little video.

I too use a WFP. Lots of advantages to using them, when the job is big enough. On that job, I would have used one too, on a job that size.

I don’t understand the need to argue about it. I adapted, unlike almost every other window cleaner in my area. Nothing wrong with traditional OR using a WFP. Each have their place.


Kumbya my lord, Kumbya.

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