Steal my Spring 2008 postcard design

Well, I just spent about 10-15 hours fully tweaking my Spring 2008 postcard design that I’m about to roll out locally, and I thought to myself…why don’t I give it away to you for free!

[SIZE=“6”][CENTER]Wanna a FREE, highly tweaked, supercharged, fully-editable postcard for your 2008 Promotions?[/CENTER][/SIZE]

You can take it from me absolutely FREE, for unlimited use in your window cleaning company, under 2 conditions:

You must test my postcard design against your in-house postcard/flier design in the same areas, for your same target demographic, in a minimum quantity of 300 each. In other words, you’ve got to agree to get at least 300 of these postcards printed (once they have YOUR unique contact and company info, of course, first), and distribute them to your target Residential market, and also distribute 300 of your own fliers/postcards to these same kind of people in the same area. Ideally, you would have one of yours placed at one door, and the neighbor would get one of mine. I’m sure you know what I mean.

You must also agree to relentlessly track and record the amount of business that you receive from the 2 different campaigns (my postcard versus your flier), and record the results after 3 days, 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days.

That’s it!

Oh - and you must not change the layout or look of the postcard design, or content of the copy (aside from customizing it to your accurate info, naturally) whatsoever. And you’ve got to provide me with a sample of your finished print product, too.

Sound fair? Sound like a great deal? Well, it is, so I hope I’ve explained it well enough for you to understand that!

Immediately below, you’ll find a JPG image of what the front and back look like. It is a 8.5" x 5.5" full-color postcard, and you can have it for FREE in either PDF or PSD fully-editable, layered format.


In case you’re wondering, once you’ve completed, tracked, and recorded the 30-day head-to-head comparison, you are welcome to use the design as many times as you’d like, for unlimited use, forever. I just need you to get me some feedback first. I’m sure that you would agree this is fair!

So, email me at if you want your FREE Spring 2008 postcard design now! And, as you expected, if you live ANYWHERE bordering Toronto, of course, you do not qualify for this offer!

Drop me a private message or email now!

Kevin your postcard is beautiful but my concern is that if I were to receive it in the mail I woulnd’t know right away what you were selling me. Quite honestly I would think you wanted to redecorate my house. Have you used this design before?

I think Kevins marketing tactic here is to keep potential customers reading and then he tells them who he is. This is a good tactic. The warm fuzzy feeling of laying on your bed with your spouse on a Saturday morning. Not a care in the world because Paneless cleaned the windows yesterday with his professional crew. Im not sure about all the hype about window cleaners breaking into homes? Kevin, Is this a really well known problem to the residents in the area of forest hill? If its an isolated incident, I dont think I would add this. May sound a little desperate. Other than that, Looks good. Love the colors. Appealing to the majority of buyers. Women.

Thx for the musings.

Yeah - the “shady” factor of other window cleaners is significant enough for me to leverage in Forest Hill, because my most well-known competitor uses such workers. It’s an angle worth using.

[B]I need to clarify something too:[/B] I don’t insist that you keep this stuff about break-ins with your ad copy when you use it, I simply mean I want you to use this [I]overall design[/I], and [I]general layout[/I] and [I]intent [/I]of the copy in the places you currently see it.

AS far as the headline, I’ll be content if you use the phrase “Rediscover Your Dream Home Overnight!”

That’s close enough. Same with the other info too.

I have put a lot of thought and strategy into the exact layout you see, and that’s why I want you to use it in your market, to see how well it works. It’s definitely not typical, and you may not have ever used something along these lines before. Try to ignore these 2 things, and use the design anyway! The results don’t lie, and they will define how valuable this postcard design is for your local market…

I won’t go into excessive reasons as to why the design and copy is the way it is ([I]since the WHY is the most valuable part[/I]) but I would like you to be able to tap into it immediately if you wish, and use it to get more clients for your window cleaning company.

Drop me an email if you want it.

So how many people took you up on it and what were their results?
What kind of return did you get on this card, Kevin?

Never ended up using it Thad, too busy!