Steccone Featherlight Squeegees .... lighter than a ballon?

i dont want to preach but tried out my first ever Steccone featherlight squeegee´s today and all can say . EXCELLENT !!!.. you will save time and ENERGY !! and be quicker

i have been suffering a bit with Elbow pain recently ( will have to take a pause soon ) … IMo the steccone´s were absolutely "Bootifull "…seriously if your a hard worker and over 30 you should seriously think about buying some of these …

This is my new squeegee from now on… i let co worker try them out and he fell in love with them straight away… he normally uses a 35 Cm but he wants to use a 45 Cm now … he said " it does not have any friction on the glass and there is no squeegee squeak " it just glides over the glass !!!

i have tried most and for the last year been using exclusively Unger Ergo tech… the weight of the Steccones is a no brainer for me… like dange said we should all be aiming for TAI CHI… and trust me TAI CHI Window Cleaning is the way to go !!! save your life extend your window cleaning life and go TAI CHI

" dont be a mug and bench press every pain of glass "

I would love to try them but they don’t seem to be in WCR catalog anymore. Where can I find them?

I am glad you like them.
It is all I use

i had one and i believe it was lighter than the Wagtail, but as it didnt swivel it was no good on a pole. it was very well made,felt good in the hand ,i sold mine on Ebay in the end .

Whatever you do - don’t push them too hard on the old Ettore pole tip, Grrrrr.

Phil, I think they list an 8 and 20 inch. Ask them what they have in stock, one nice thing about dealing with Chris and Alex. If not, I have a 14" piece you could play with.

jonnyald, it will work in a Wagtail handle.

My main residential squeegee is wagtail slimline handle with a 9" Steccone channel. It’s like not having anythingnin your hand at all, the perfect combination!

when i am doing pole work i use a s—o withe the swivel ledger… anyone who has not got a swivel ledger and does a lot of pole work should seriously think about buying a ( the ) ledger . i have lots of glass roofs ( some at 0° and some at around 45 ° ) and this baby just rips through glass roof´s with the ledger and a pole ( cleaning the underside of the roof ! ) with lets say 10 sections of double glazing glass which is anything from 3 m to 12 m long …

that was a good buy i have cut the time ( let alone stress and energy ) by 50 % ( rough estimate )…plus its great for large store front glass with straight and side pole pulls combined .