Sticker for window cleaners proposed

[B]Glass Week, Feb. 13-17, Las Vegas
Sticker for window cleaners proposed[/B]

A design of a sticker for glass that would alert a window cleaner not to use metal scrapers was proposed Feb. 14 during the Glass Association of North America’s Glass Week at the Rio All Suites Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.
“I support it to minimize the possibility of a suit,” said Kim Mann, general counsel for GANA, Topeka, Kan. “It supplies information and knowledge. They can’t claim they didn’t know if you have a sticker. It can only enhance your position.”
The proposal came during the construction subcommittee session of the Tempering Division meeting. The proposed sticker would be applied with a static-cling method.
The members agreed that a sticker from GANA has more clout than a sticker from an individual company. They also agreed that the sticker should be available to non-GANA members.
The group then discussed who would be responsible for applying the sticker but did not reach a consensus.
The subcommittee had formed a task group to create a position letter on surface particles on heat-treated glass in response to a November 2007 letter from the International Window Cleaners Association, Kansas City, Mo. IWCA members say that razor scrapers are the tool of the trade for cleaning glass. The letter states that the IWCA believes fabricating debris is “an easily preventable surface defect” and asked GANA to retract its glass cleaning informational bulletin, which recommends not using metal scrapers.
GANA members say that microscopic particles are inherent to the process of heat-strengthened glass. Greg Carney, GANA’s technical adviser, says he continues to communicate with the IWCA and pass on information about the glass-making process.

This is great, the sticker will be the size of the window - both sides.

Yeah right, if the manufacturer was doing his job their would be no fabricating debris.
In this market now if I was a builder I would make sure that all my window suppliers would sign a wavier that if their product had fab debris they would replace it.
Hoosier Howard

It would pay for respectable builders to have there window supplier sign a waiver for the glass they supply,unfortunately i’ve talked to a few who have and get what we sometimes get when educating certain builders with regards to fabricating debris & poor quality heat treated glass the “glazed over look” its the smart suppliers that will listen and more or less jump through hoops to please those builders who spend$$.

I’ve even talked to a few(builders) who had not realized such a thing existed but along with all educating i provide to builders i deal with… i let it be known that’s half the battle along with keeping the glass/windows properly covered throughout the "entire phase"of construction.

Of course that does just so much its after the fact when a poor “uneducated” window cleaner comes along and dsecides he’ll scrape the heat treated glass (for whatever reason) and scratches it up only to find out he just got himself in a jackpot real quick with the inevitable “liability loop”

The glass fabricators not all but most need to just do mandatory house cleaning of all glass washers & tempering ovens would greatly decrease the amount of fabricating debris on heat treated glass.