Sticker / Photo Contest

// Cleaner Resource Sticker Contest - YouTube

[LEFT]See attached images for some good examples… Get creative!

Please post your photos in this thread for review… Or email them to and I can post them up for you.

If you would like a FREE Small slayer sticker send a self addressed stamped envelope to

47 state rt 94
Vernon NJ 07462

Good Luck!

I’ve asked someone famous to advertise for you…watch this space :wink:

[ame=“Sticker contest - YouTube”]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

Awesome Ron!

I LOVE VIDEO RESPONSES… I wish we would have more of that here.

Sorry, couldn’t get her to hold the squeegee - [URL=“,20054499_20083779,00.html”]she wouldn’t go for it.

Thats HOT! or HUGE, I can remeber what part of the alphabet she is up to these days. at least she is making her way up the alphabet!

Currently shes at thats HUUUUUUUUUUUUUge

Great job with the photoshop!

I was going to give it to Michael Jackson but he screwed me big time.

Aren’t you too old for him?

I’m in my tender 30’s Larry, and my parents are willing to settle for little money.

Good to see you again, by the way.


Weve shipped out over 150 stickers sense this contest was announced… No entries yet? Cmon guys!

Still waiting on my order but I’ll post something when I get them.

I’ll have one for you tomorrow!

Here’s a few to get you started!

Tony, any chance that I can get a picture of your DI hose reel ?

Here you go! Keep in mind I took those pics last year. I have a smaller connector from RHG on the end of the DI supply hose now.

Might as well end the contest now, folks :smiley:

Looks like Karl has some competition in the Photoshop arena!:wink:

Nope, thats a legit picture! I have some close up ones where you can see the wrinkles in the packing tape holding it on, heh

I’ve been around ballooning since I was in diapers, seemed like a decent place to stash a sticker

These two are not my entries, just the most legit looking ones i’ve got. As it turns out, I’m a moron and couldnt quite get the sticker on right so it’s taped with the white background in place. Was afraid the individual letters would get rubbed off