Sticker Removal on Store Front Windows

Has anyone had some experience with a chemical to aid in the removal of these stickers?
Or, does it just boil down to elbow grease and time.
These particular stickers on at a liquor store.

We ran across a few stubborn ones. I suppose it doesnt help that it’s only 5 degrees outside.

heat gun. Also check closely, we did sticker removal at a liquor store and had to get out the GlasRenu polishing pad because the sun had baked the adhesive into the glass and it would not scrap off.

Don’t know what type of stickers your talking about. Usually wet them up an scrape. New blade an just make sure it’s soaped up with your solution before you go to scrape. Keep changing your blade. Make sure you don’t go back an forth with your blade. Never really met a sticker I couldn’t get off with a blade
I guess if your dealing with a stubborn sticker on a single pane glass panel you could be in for a battle. I never tried oil flo but that might help
Doesn’t hurt to get a scratch waiver also
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Scratch waiver signed,Soap and water and a scraper(new Blade), if to stubborn use a heat gun (be careful sticker and glass will be hot).

Goof-off works depending how long the sticker has been there.

Thanks for the help guys. It’s a sticker that’s so sun baked and old that you can’t tell what it was promoting anymore. My guess is that it’s been there for close to 10+ years. We’ve hit it with our wash bucket solution a few times and let it soak in a bit, but it was almost useless. We’re going to bring a hair dryer with next time to help soften it up and give it some time and effort.

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My own limited experience is that , since time is of the essence on a job, to use Goof-Off. This stuff does genuinely kil brain cells if you inhale a stead diet of it, but you’re probably using it outdoors anyhow. Remove as much of the sticker as you can by hand or with a scraper. You’re not going to need tro change a blade as often as some say, they stray sharp enough for a long time. Now you have to deal with the adhesive residue still stuck to the glass. Put some Goof-Off on a rag and wipe it over what’s left of the sticker. It’ll dissolve and spread out the adhesive enough that some elbow grease with an actual scrubber dipped in soapy water will be needed. But with goof-off, it’ll go a LOT faster, trust me. Stickers and leftover advesive from signs and posters is a pain in the patooty, so charge accordingly.

Me, I’m just starting out and doing only storefronts for now, so I tell customers I’ll scrape that stuff off for free if they agree to have me back weekly for at least the next two weeks. That way I’ve got them. And it’ll go a lot faster next time.

That residue comes of real quick with a wet window (of your cleaning soliton) and a 1" blade… No need to waste money, time, and making dirty rags for a useless chemical.

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts

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Sharp blade, normal solution with extra slip agent added works for me

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