Still can't find a ladder stopper

I’ve been trying to buy a ladder stopper for almost 2 years.
Any suggestions on where I can find one?

A UK supplier.

I looked for a while too. Then I happened to buy a new little giant, though not that brand and it had rubber feet on it instead of plastic. It works great. It made me think, why not just get a piece of rubber and cut it down to the size I want. I think a restaurant style walk-off mat could possibly work as well. Of course, if you try this, you need to test whatever you find before climbing up.

Hi Larry!
I’ve never ordered from the UK; is there anything I need to know about the process?

Your credit card company will do the conversion rate (there may be a charge for that), you may also have a vat tax included, I figured if you order the Rojak L/S it will cost around $200 usd maybe a bit more or less after shipping/tax etc.

Tommy’s Trade Secrets - Trades Test Centre - Foot The Ladder Anti Slip Device - YouTube

As Steven posted. I’ve purchased eBay items from the UK in the past with no issues. In fact, there’s an eBay UK listing for some 18" Rojak Ladder Stoppers now, I believe (I have two 24" models purchased domestically.)

Be careful. They are not hardly sold in the US for good reason. Many accidents.
What do I use for a ladder stopper? My helper! Can’t beat a 160 lb ladder holder :slight_smile:

Uh, no, that’s not it at all (regarding Rojak Ladder Stopper)

Paul doesn’t carry it anymore. No one does, there aren’t any in the United States. You will have to order it from the UK as mentioned above.