Stimulus ( Part 3 )

I have heard rumblings regarding the third stimulus having provisions to help self-employed and " Gig " Workers. The Senate will probably vote today ( then to The House - and President ), where hopefully Nancy doesn’t try to add more " Woke " language and provisions ( another topic all together ).

Here is a link below - To see that provision scroll down to the section " What the GOP Bill does " the second paragraph.


As near as I can tell, SE people will be eligible, but still unclear it if will be an annualized weekly total or what. I’m surprised at how slow they’ve been to release the details.

Even if we are forced to close, I have a hard time imaging that any unemployment insurance could make us whole for losing April or May. But we may have to take it on the chin a little for the good of the community.


I wish the politicians could have left the :pig2: out of this one for once.
That said, this package will be very helpful to those making at or less than the minimums for each filing status. The big number looks good on paper but that money is not all going to Americans pockets like they say.

Its typical but not surprising - $300 million for the National Endowment for Arts. The liberal left held the legislation hostage to plug in this and other ridiculous grants. They wanted even more…Green New Deal Stuff, etc. Shameful !

Don’t worry, Joe Biden said there’s plenty of time during this crisis for them to get the green new deal into another stimulus plan! Rahm Emanuel, “Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

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