Stingray or other indoor cleaning tool

to those using non squeegee methods indoors:

are you leaving the window wet or polishing till dry?
it seems the concept with the stingray is to leave it wet and it will dry clear as long as clean?
if the unger pads for the speed clean are the same material as the stingray is there any need for the fuzzy pads first?
if you use both are you wetting the polishing pad for slip or polishing dry?

I had a job a couple of months ago that required my Unger Indoor Cleaning Kit. Apparently the high window above the front door foyer was actually a bit dusty, so after I left, the homeowner noticed that it looked a little hazy. I returned and ladder traditional cleaned it and it was fine. Future work I will pre-dust. Then shag pad with Sprayway, then buff with the polishing pad. Perhaps twice the same way to avoid having to bring the ladder inside - which was the whole reason for me getting the kit in the first place. :wink:

Any other input from those down this road?

The stingray I’ve only seen have the luster/polish pad, this is think is a disadvantage over the old system.

The fluffy “washing” pads can hold quite a bit of dust, doing a dust and cleaning at once. For dusty windows: mist the pad, clean, take it down and beat out the dust, then get back to it: otherwise I’ll use the luster pad because I’ve found it chokes up with dusty windows, leaving a haze behind.

Also, I’ve found if the window/pad is too wet, leaving water to bead on the glass rather evenly smear, dirt will be left behind on the glass when it dries (think splashing rinse with WFP). I don’t let it bead so I have the window dry as I move on.

i don’t have either kit but am experimenting with the 3m glass cleaner and protectant that seems to be whats in the stingray.
spray window
scrub with scouring side of tbar
flip tbar scrub with soft side
polish with surgical towel
looks great…till the sun hits it…greasy film :frowning:

That’s what worried me about using the stingray. That sounds like the same protectant used on carpet fibers. I don’t know why it would be good to use on clear stone. Sounds like it could leave smears on glass.

But what do I know. I’ve never used it on glass.

I don’t use their system but I often use a dry “fluffy” microfiber cloth on an
Unger pad holder to remove dust. Then I use a different microfiber with a healthy dose of
Spray Away on it to clean/polish

Perhaps with Sprayway needs a couple of applications? I saw a video where Sprayway left a haze, but pure water and small amount of alcohol left it clear. Must do some experiments. :-/

The Stinray Glass Cleaner is awesome. We are using it for both the Stingray and the Speed Clean Kit. We did a Wfp touch up on 3rd floor windows in direct sunlight and they came out great. I am requesting that Unger sale this in large bottles for the Microfiber cleaning pad on the Speed Clean Kit.

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Does anyone else have an issue where the microfiber pattern leaves behind an imprint when closing out? This happens to me even on bi weekly maintenance cleans. I’m using pure water to clean.

Its because of one or two of these issues microfiber is to damp or to dirty.

The surgical towel does not remove enough of the 3m product Ken.

Been using it for a while. Buy it by the case at Amazon

Lots of facilities maintenance people use it.


hmm, interesting. do you know this from experience or are you theorizing?

From experience, using a surgical towel as a buffing tool.

and its working ok for you now with the unger buffer pad?

Thanks for the tip. I am going to try some at the banks I clean daily.

Working out the kinks with the buffing pad and 3m.
My current go to is pure water/ipa and buffing pad for now.

But i can tell you surgical doesnt work for a buffing pad from my experience :wink:

… Depends on how dirty the glass is…Doesn’t
happen so often for me…


Anytime Ken!