Stop Water from Freezing?

Ive got a quick question for you who work in below freezing weather.
What do you folks put into your cleaning solution to stop it from freezing
I dont use a bucket we use spray bottles for our solution. Any advice would be great!!

Any Help???

We add methanol. You can also use isopropyl

If the windows is heated on the inside you will not need anything down to 28. Wind can change that number. I have used isopropyl and denatured alcohol

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Windshield washer fluid diluted. Antifreeze + cleaner. Viola

Methanol, but it hard to get them in smaller amounts.

Pee in it…wear gloves that day

Take the winter off

We worked in 7 degree windchill this morning… Because of the De icer. But you got to have something, even straight windshield washing fluid will freeze when cold enough. I have had to scrape ice off of the glass before while working either in the shade or a north wind. I try not to let that happen now. Once the cold season starts have one or more of the above mentioned items in the posts with you at all times.

I Dont need that to freeze to…LOL

                 I have been using isopropyl lately that seem to work, just seeing if there was something that works a little better. Thanks for the help though John.

Wish I could Chris…

Heet, its in the auto section of any store. Pretty reasonably priced. one comes in a yellow container the other in red, ones isopropyl the other is methanol forget which I’d which. Either works.

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Just kidding…I use that orange wind shield wiper fluid

What ratio to solution are you guys useing?

Methanol from the speed shop. It cost about $25 for 5gal. Probably about 30% in your solution

Btw red heet is ISO yellow heet is methanol.

Thanks for the info Logan.

Anybody have problems with the dye they put in windshield washer fluid? I heard the blue dye messes up the glass.

It doesn’t mess with the glass but it will leave a residue on the sills.

I find with windshield fluid it will mess up the glass if your rubbers edge is just slightly worn. I think the cheap soap dries very fast. At - 15 Celsius it freezes. Under that temperature I use undiluted methanol or isopropyl. Straight up. Also, when using straight meth or iso it is very delicate to find the perfect soap balance.