Storage of Pure Water Power RO/DI Cart

I live in Phoenix AZ which can get to 115 degrees in the summer.
Wondering if I can store this in a shed when not using or will the resin or machine get damaged from the heat?

It won’t be in the sun during storage, but will still get to 115-120 degrees in the shed.

I don’t want to hurt the machine or brush after investing this much money into it.
Pure Water Power doesn’t have a customer service phone number and their website forwards to another place now.
thanks for any advice.

maximum operating temp is 113 for axeon hf5.

I have a different device the Pure Water Power Cart, but I am wondering not about the operating temp but what max temperature it can be stored without hurting the tubes, filters, or resin inside the DI filter.

your most expensive componant in an rodi system is the Ro membrane, they are not meant get hot (the glue melts. or freeze the membrane shatters.

Thats good to know. My first machine so just learning.
Do you think I could remove the DI filter and store inside and store the rest outside?
Wifey really doesn’t want this thing in our bedroom if possible and its about to start getting hot here in Phoenix. Thanks for your help!

yeah but again it’s ro membrane that is the most expensive to replace.