Storage Solution Pressure Washing Rigs

My company does commercial pressure washing all year round in NJ. I’m looking for a storage solution for them during the winter. I have a large garage with a 16 foot ceiling (no insulation). I didn’t want to heat the whole garage for a couple of pressure washers. Does anyone have a solution or idea how I can keep them above freezing without heating the whole garage? Equipment blanket or space heater - I want it to be safe as well? Any ideas? - Jon

Go over to the pwra forum and type in ‘winterizing’ in the search . I think most guys take the oil out of the engine and pump and drain out all the water out buffer tanks . Hope this helps

Winterize them. YouTube how to do it, or do what Genaro says. Go to The PW forum an search winterize. It’s your only option , or heat your garage. You’ll have to wimterize after each use. So it’s going to suck if your going all winter long. Id look into heat for the garge if i were you. Money shouldn’t be an option. Just do it !!