Store Front Price Survey

For those that do route work, what is your account monthly average price. Meaning take what you make per month on store front and divide that by the number of store front accounts you have. Mine is $23

$44.70, but I have a small number of these kind of accounts.

somewhere between $38-$42, it’s a ballpark figure…

wow i was surprised by my average of 45.11…guess my market for storefront isn’t too bad eh? lol

how many times per month are you doing each of these store fronts? 1/2/4 times. That weighs heavily on the time involved to make the $40+.

most of mine are every 2 weeks, although i have a handful that are every week. and a few that are monthly.

So you average about $20 per storefront then.

Paneless, weren’t you experimenting with a $50 minimum for storefronts downtown? How did that go

my minimum for storefront now is $10.00. I have a couple lower priced that i acquired when I first started out. Alot are more, some 20-40 dollars a week.

SORRY - I thought you meant “PER-SERVICE-PRICE” (most of my accounts are twice/mth, NONE are once/week)

[B][I]My monthly average price is $90.60[/I][/B]

Not including the monthly juicier commercial contracts I have, but just the ‘storefront-type’ clients…

These juicier ones are $400-$1000+ each/mth each.

go4dabukz ~ the $50 minimum is still holding steady. I’ve done nothing to get more work, though. Hopefully find some time to do that soon…

a few of my storefront clients range in the $100-$135 a month price range, lots in the $60/month range then as said in previous post, some in the $30-$40 range.

hey paneless what did you do to get all those juicer accounts are they big stores or what?
How did you present the 50 price structure i been thinkin of doing that in my area.

Good topic Chris. My average is $55 (81 stores, restauraunts). It should go up a few more dollars in February, since I’m raising many of my accounts 10%

The juicier commercial accounts are all products of targeting and serious proposals, combined with ‘never-say-die’ cold-calling. They are car dealerships and other nice 2-3 story commercial buildings.

I cannot overestimate the importance of [I][B]proposals [/B][/I]in securing the best jobs within this price niche.

As far as the $50 storefront, I am basically not pounding these as a prospective client base, but any [I]new interest expressed[/I] hears this minimum, and I have had a surprising level of success with it.

[INDENT][I]Remember that YOU make the rules as to how your clients are to do business with you, not them.[/I][/INDENT]

Change your rules, and see what happens.

The next time someone calls you over and asks you how much you charge to clean their windows, instead of saying “$15” for in & out (what you think the job is actually ‘worth’) look them in the eye, smile, and confidently explain that their store/salon/restaurant qualifies for not a penny more than your minimum service charge of “only $50” per service, and that if they’re not totally thrilled with the results, they’ll never have to pay, and then wait for them to respond.

It works. Try it and you’ll see.

mine is in the 60…something range

I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out, as I calculated like Kevin did at first (per service.)
But they’re closer than I thought.[INDENT]
Monthly total
[U]÷ Number of customers
[/U]$ 72.86

[INDENT]Monthly total
[U]÷ Number of Visits[/U]
$ 77.80

Seems like the “per visit” price should be lower, since it would dwindle down higher priced job in an actual ‘average.’ :confused:

Mine is right at $40.

Thats a nice #…

Surprisingly $51.00

$40 on the dot. That includes weekly, biweekly, and monthly

We have a $40 minimum on storefronts, but hardly ever get any in that range. For the accounts that we have now, $112 is about the average.