Storefront Accounts

Hey everyone I hope you guys are having a nice!
Here are a few questions I have regarding storefront accounts I need some expert advice on.

  1. when you get to a place and bid windows and they hit you with the “the landlord has a guy that does the whole plaza” how do you guys go about closing that account with the landlord him/herself?

  2. How do you close accounts that are corporate owned? Places like McDonald’s or Taco Bell’s that aren’t really franchised just have managers supervising the location

  3. How do you follow up with a storefront account if the business owner was interested but didn’t take your service right then and there

  4. how do you follow up with a storefront if you went in and the owner WASN’T in at the time you visited

  5. how does one go about getting BIGGER corporate accounts such as car dealerships and bigger office buildings?

  1. The good old boy networking is the strongest approach for the “entire strip mall” type of account. Go by the strip mall a few time at odd hours. (when you’d usually expect to see sweepers and pressure washers on the property) With a bit of luck and persistence, You’ll eventually find a guy, get the company contact info and pitch the owner of it. I lucked out recently and more than doubled my gross by closing one pressure washing company owner. You wouldn’t think it of them if you see their trucks, but they probably have a couple thousand windows a month, all signed on for .75 a pane.

  2. All of those franchise type places have a main office somewhere. Same thing, luck and persistence. Keep on them weekly try to figure out who is the decision maker the first time you call, keep asking for an appointment. That’s the first “sale” of the process, selling them on meeting with you. Once they say yes to that, It gets your foot in the door. I don’t chase these, I have had 0 luck in 4 and a half years so far.

  3. Just stop by the account you want again, tools ready and game face on. Really helps if you already have an account in that plaza. You can stop at all those stores every time you service the one… Luck and persistence.

  4. Basically the same question as 3.

Can’t fail if you don’t quit. Just stay persistent and luck will meet you halfway.