Storefront situation, NEED SOME INPUT

I have my regular store front route tomorrow, ive done them all before but im booked the whole day doing sotrefronts. I wanted to get out earlier tomorrow around 7am. However a good amount of stores open around 10-11. I am only doing the exterior of most. What do you think i should do as the stores wont be open? What proof do i have that i did them? Thanks everyone!

The fact that the windows will look great!

Idk, it’s weird. Probably because those windows you look at them at an angle and the rest you don’t. Could be there for most windows but you just can’t see it.

I leave a bizz card, but not my bizz card i hand out. Just a simple one that says hey, we cleaned your windows today. If you need anything contact us. My logo and phone # are on it too.

I start at 6 am and make rounds for any store without a steel gate. Saves a lot of time on the second round.

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This is the way to go