Storing Ladders

I have a 24 and 32 foot ladder. I want to store them inside my garage does anyone recommend a type of hook or something so I can keep them off the ground?

Any hardware store (Home Depot and Lowe’s included) sells U-shaped hooks marketed specifically for ladder storage. They are usually priced $2-4 each.

We built this thing… its kinda like half an A frame. The shop is kinda a mess we are doing a new years cleanup this week.

Try two of these or 3 for 40’ ladders. You are able to fit 2 ladders side by side

[COLOR=Blue]Chris, so you take the ladders off the trucks each day? Mine stay on the trucks 24/7. I have noticed that the fiberglass ones get a little weathered but I don’t really have a good storage option. [/COLOR]

I am curious as to why some of you chose the fiberglass over aluminum on the 6’ or 8’ ladders? Is it a “wobble” factor? They are a little heavier I know, but just wanted your opinions.

[COLOR=Blue]All my step ladders are fiberglass because they tend to hold up better to abuse and they seem more stable. However we are replacing all of our 8 ft step ladders with the Werner 7 ft. adjustable ladder. Very stable and much more versatile. [/COLOR]

Hey Steve… this is only for the winter. For the most part we only do our route work through the winter. They usually just take big poles and sectional ladders.

IMHO, the difference in weight (I’ve purchased them on sale) on ladders up to 8’ is negligible, and I feel less flex with with fiberglass to that height (though my 2’ ladders are aluminum that are duty-rated at 300#.)

We’ve used every type over the years! First to go were fiberglass extension ladders,WAY TOO HEAVY to lug around.However we do prefer fiberglass A-frame ladders ie: step ladders for stability.

As for 2 ft steps there all good (aluminum of course) i have several they all perform well. We also use Denver sectionals (highly recommended) if you dont fork out the cash for Denvers,Traditional stack ladders are the next best thing.

Here the hot tip to preserve your fiberglass types (they have a tendency to fade out badly due to U.V. exposure) What we do is use acetone on the fiberglass parts( a Acetone wash) then follow up with a min-wax clear coat.

This will not strengthen the ladder but…help prevent further damage as we all know fiberglass ladders are a bit more spendy!

I was turned onto this by a gentleman i clean his windows here in the lake he was one the the “Pioneer’s” inventors of the fiberglass ladder;)