Storm windows on old house

Newbie question here sorry:confused:

I have been asked to clean the windows on this old Victorian house where the double hung windows look like they were last cleaned in the 60’s. I have not done storms before, the owner is fixing it up to rent out and just wants me to do them the best I can. I expressed my concerns removing them from the frames because of the age and the size of some of them.

On the front and side there are bay windows and the middle window has a full single pane covering the double hung which is about 3 foot x 4 foot. I think it is too risky to remove the whole page. The top windows on all seem to be painted closed so I cannot do it easily from inside. I was going to try using a ceiling fan duster Unger Pro Ceiling Fan Duster | Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products and extending it to get in. The owner did say bring a pressure washer in, I could use the backpack sprayer with pure water and some sheeting down inside.

Also the smaller windows have storms with top glass then screen with a pane that slides up and can be removed, I can see that it may be possible to remove the top glass & screen as there is a aluminum track that the lower slides in and latches into, and some plastic too. I was wondering if this is possible or if one would just unscrew from the outside?

The owners well connected & wealthy so if I did a good job it could open some doors, but if I screw up it could close a few too …

Can you shoot a video of the storm set up from inside? It would make it easier to see what you are trying to describe.

Bite the bullet, have the HO sign a waiver, grab a buddy for the day, and unscrew them from the frames and clean them on the ground.

… and charge accordingly, seriously, $40-$50 bucks a pop. There’s a lot of risk involved if you don’t the the job slowly and meticulously

I have done a few something like those. They can be very tricky to do and will be very time consuming. If you decide to remove them from the outside, look for a gasket between the frame and the wall. I will look for some pics from a job I do where I have to take them off the wall and take them apart…I think I charge about 35 bucks per to do them

35-40 each is about right. Its doable.

Thanks guys I will let the owner know …

Chris would you get them to sign saying I would not be liable for any breakages? Also I guess you are charging per storm window not for the whole bay

Yeh thats what the waiver would say. Whn I worked for F1sh years ago i saw the owner take a large storm window out with a co-worker and the thing had crackling inside the moulding. as soon as they took it out the thing snapped in half. Since then whenever I’m dealing with large screw in windows I make sure the customer knows I am not responsible for breakage on large storm panes.

I would charge $40-$50 for the whole unit, sills screens and tracks included. I would also take the price down a bit if the project was less hassle than expected, cuz it very well could be. A happy customer who speads the word is much better than a few bucks.