Strange white haze on window exterior

The house is at least 50 years old. Single pane glass, obviously original. Has a white haze on the outside that just refuses to come off. Used vinegar, steel wool, A-one, and Fields construction (acidic) product. Some came off but not all. Then, after some was removed, the pane appeared to have a dense pattern of rainbow colored spots. Any ideas how to completely remove the haze and/or what it likely is?

need pics

Sorry, I tried to take pictures but they didn’t show the problem.

Brick building?

Wood siding. Screens are the old wooden frame with heavy metal screen material, badly rusted.

[MENTION=10817]wowwindows[/MENTION], if I was to guess, I’d say oxidation, aka “screen burn”. The aluminum (or some byproduct thereof) transfers from the screen and causes a reaction with the glass. The acid probably caused the rainbow effect. You gotta be really careful with that stuff, not to let it dwell too long or dry on the glass. I usually use oven cleaner very sparingly on these older windows. Depending on the severity, I’ll usually wet the glass before spraying it on, let it dwell 30 seconds to a minute, give it a good scrub, and then squeegee off. I make sure to wipe the frames well and drip as little as possible.