it seems like suddenly in the last month, my squeegees are leaving alot of streaks, they didn’t used to, it used to be nice and clean as i pulled, i’ve tried new rubber, i even tried a new squeegee, could it be because of higher humidity? its rqined fro like 4 weeks straight practically

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There is a lot different thing that can cause this, bad rubber, bent channel are the normal causes. Try a different brand of rubber to start or a different batch. Humidity would have very little affected, at least i cant see it making streaks. Are the streak with in the rubber length or at the edges?

middle of the squeegee

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There have been a few thread on this, try a new batch of rubber and/or channel a slight imperfection in each of them or both can cause it.

Try and search “streaking rubber”, you may find some other ideas, but most like it an imperfection in the channel or rubber.

Humidity can cause a little havoc when cleaning.
Moreso, condensation.
If you’ve ever cleaned a cooler door, you’ll remember, it can get quite messy.

Think about seeing your breath, fog, or dew on the grass in the morning…
Those teeny tiny little nicks or drags in your squeegee get enhanced with that added water vapor in the air,
and we might notice it more than normal.

The fun part is… try “toweling” those streaks.

  • makes it worse, doesn’t it?

My “unofficial” test theory is, try using blue stuff/washer fluid on those days, and get back to me.
It’s worked for me, but I have no founded scientific reasoning to back it up. Just fluke experiences. :o

JUST washer fluid? I’m having the same trouble. Using GG4, Ecover, and part water, part washer fluid.

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Hmm… good question.

I suppose I technically just put a little washer fluid [B]on[/B] my normal dipped mop.
So, I’m not using STRAIGHT blue stuff.

And even as I “preview” my post, I realize that I don’t want to mistake that for “adding fluid to my normal bucket.”

Does that make sense?
I’m not diluting my water WITH, I’m pouring/dripping it ON my already soaked mop.

I made a mixture (as described earlier) and I keep it in a bottle to directly apply to the mop.

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I was thinking of applying to mop directly… What have u noticed that makes it better? When it’s not cold outside - what’s ur normal mix… I bought some gg4 gg3 and ecover a couple weeks ago to try them all. Trying to get away from dawn :slight_smile:


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Honestly, I’m just trying stuff I’ve seen here on the forum. I’ve been using Ecover, Dawn, and GG4 in warm weather, just added the washer fluid to keep my mix from freezing. I’m gonna try GG3 soon because, if I understand correctly, GG4 is for hard water and GG3 is for soft water. Our water in my area is pretty soft, so I’m thinking GG3 will serve me better.

I’ll probably nix the Dawn when it runs out. Ecover is wonderful stuff!

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Yeah, this is about the 3rd or 4th thread about streaks. I’m assuming that you not getting lines as from a nicked rubber, but like a hazy streak that’s a pain in the butt to towel off?

I’m getting those a lot and I’m trying different things to figure out what’s going on.

Last week:

I tried ecover only - I’ve been using gg4 + ecover: so far, still getting them. So it’s not the gg4.

I also tried new ettore rubber: yeah, either the rubber has changed (which I’m leaning towards) or there’s just something on the windows

Next week:

Going to pull out some old old 3 star rubber that I have and try it

Going to switch back to dawn for a day to see what’s what. I don’t remember getting these streaks with dawn and I used that for years. My hands will hate me, but I want to at least try it out.

Dawn will also give me a feel for the grease cutting power of ecover. I’ve been using ecover for about 8 months so I know what it does and this will give me a chance to compare.

These mainly happen to me in the sun so I’ve got specific stops where I can repeatedly test to try and figure this out.

I think part of the problem might be the cleaner that some people are using between cleans. The doors are a pain in the butt to get clean. I broke out Henry’s Skrub today and it busted through a couple of doors that I was having real issues with.

its not like a nick in the rubber that would leave a nice wet line but rathe hundreds of tiny lines that dry in about 15 seconds and the glass looks good after it dries, i just dont remember the squeegee doing this 8 weeks ago, but could it be that 8 weeks aho it was 25 degrees warmer and maybe they were just drying fast enough that i didn’t notice them? i wishyou could see it, its hard to describe and diagnose online

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Out of curiosity, please answer this…
How many of us use a sponge vs use a towel to wipe our blade.

My guess is 2 out of the 6.
This is not a knock, not a slam, not a compliment.
Honest question.

I use a sponge, and I am 1 of the two in my hunch.

i use a towel

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I never wipe my blade. If I’m using heavy soap, I’ll “wipe” my blade against my mop before fanning to get rid of the extra suds. Or if I’m cleaning a place that has animals (cats/dogs) then I just automatically wipe it on my mop to remove any hair that might have climbed onto my rubber.

Technically, Jared, you are closer to using a sponge than a towel.
But you weren’t my second guess. WCS is my second.

Doesn’t matter. It was more of a weather thing in this case.

Normally, I’m all about the sponge.
And I have a tough time coming up with an example for why.

I guess I would say think about a dirt pile, and you are armed with a mop.
Pour a glass of water on that pile, and try to mop… it would keep dry and overtake your mop.
Dump a bucket of water on that pile, and your mop becomes a little more in control of the dirt.

(I’m half way through a 6 pack, so bare with me)

BUT. In the situation we’re talking about- humidity/condensation/etc… MAYBE a towel is the better way to go.
Take away some of that lubricant that wipes away the grit, and the water vapor doesn’t make it so noticeable.

Second “BUT” -your rubber is left with small nicks from not previously using a sponge.

JfromtheD I would really like to see how u operate with a sea sponge. Because I have tried using it and got so frustrated I threw it back in the van And won’t use it. I don’t know where to put it when I’m doing everything else I’m doing besides wiping my rubber. I’m like what do I do with this thing. And then it gets wet and it’s foaming up and I’m like I don’t know what to do with this thing. eventually I’m like screw it. I can’t hold a sponge and do pole work. Just some of my frustrations. So please share.

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I think sponges are like soaps, we all have our personal preference.
I’m VERY finicky about my sponges.

I like them really small, well… palm sized (maybe hand sized would be better.)
I like to be able to wring them out really tight.

Other people I know love to have a big ass sponge, but to me, I think maybe I’m similar to you… it gets to be cumbersome when it’s any bigger.

The foam is avoidable for the most part. You have to pick out one with the most holes.
“Holes?” More like pores, I guess.

My favorite is when the holes are almost the width of your pinky, up to the first knuckle.
If you can get your pinky nail just covered, into a hole, you wont have much problem with foam.

When you aren’t wiping the squeegee, they are great to add agitation. I guess it’s like having a larger PSI than a mop, but I dunno.
Wiping ledges, frames, etc. Clean up drips.

  • same stuff you’d use a towel for, except for detailing… but it’s not shot after cleaning up a spill, just wring it out and it’s clean again.

I actually use it for poling, it doesnt get in the way at all.
But I pole in a different way than a lot.

I don’t two hand pull, using my arms (like WFP) I do what I call "reverse pool cue."
Think about making a shot in pool, but backwards. (back hand pulls backward, while the pole slides thru the front hand.)

I often use the sponge in that front hand and helps the pole glide/slide.

When I’m not cleaning, I keep it squeezed between my mop and channel in mu BOAB.
If I’m using two hands with mop and squeeg, I just jam it into my BOAB enough that I can pull it out and put the tools back.

Hope this makes sense, as I’m not known for my eloquence. :slight_smile:
I use towels, don’t get me wrong. But for the most part it’s for drying a drip or whatever.
Believe it or not, I used to not carry one at all.

Your thumb works like a squeegee with drips. Something to do with not having the same oils as your fingers.
If you work at it, you can detail with nothing but your own hand.

  • but that’s a whole other thing altogether.

Humm, is anyone using dawn getting these streaks?

I just switched back to dawn and didn’t notice any problems. I’ll use it for a few more weeks to make sure. I don’t ever remember any problems before this year when I switched to ecover.

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when i switched back to dawn/used more soap the problem stopped

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