Strike 1... strike 2... strike 4... homerun?

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How do you get all these out are you walking or driving?

I was once told that a # 1 marketing tool can be learned from children. When children want something from you, they beg and beg until a parent finally gives in. If you are stuffing / mailing fliers to areas over and over again, you will eventually have those that cave in and give you a call. I had a new customer compliment my company a few weeks ago. He said that we did a good job of canvassing his area over and over again. Seeing our vans in his area fully lettered and guys on ladders stuck with him. When he decided to have his windows cleaned, he looked in the [B]white pages [/B]for our name.


Okay, CFP, when are we going to see these carefully crafted fliers, man?

You’re killing us here…

CFP is such a tease! LOL

CFP did bring up a very interesting observation. After hitting a territory over and over, people still have no recollection of seeing your ad. It’s true that when they actually do give a look, there better be some good script to reel them in but maybe we have to also focus on a way to force them to look, to make sure your material isn’t ignored and passed over.

I had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago. I flyered a street and the next week I started phoning those folks and asked if they had a chance to consider my services. No one that I actually spoke to recalled receiving my flyer at all. One lady said it was okay to swing by and give a quote. When I arrived she showed me my flyer, someone just dumped it in the recycling bin with everything else. I got the gig but wouldn’t have if I didn’t do a follow up call.

Now, how can we flyer and make sure that they read em? Perhaps the opening line should be “STOP! If you continue reading this, you’ll go blind!” :eek: I’m sure they’ll have to read the whole thing after that.

Perhaps the traditional flyer (a piece of paper) is losing its effectiveness. Maybe it has to be an intriguing object that they’ll just have to handle.

Thanks for this thread CFP, it’s got my mind going again. :slight_smile:

Beautiful View,

How did you get the phone numbers to a particular area? I have heard that it could be done through a lead generating company, is that what you did?

Thanks. [/COLOR]

In Canada there is a website called Canada411. Here you can search for a persons phone number or a business phone number.

One excellent tool on there is called ‘reverse address lookup’. All I have to do is enter in “Main Street, Toronto, Ontario” and it will give me all the individual names and phone #'s on that street starting from #1.

For example, I look up the street “Emmett, York, Ontario” and here are the results.

Unlisted numbers won’t be there of course. It’s very handy for any occasion but really handy for business.

Does this search indicate if a number is on a “do not call” list?

[COLOR=Blue]Does Canada have the DNC? I thought that was a distinctly American law.[/COLOR]

There is a watered down version of a Do Not Call list coming to Canada. But it’s not here yet.

id love to see one of your fliers too CFP!!!

BV>> i got a call for ma guy last week to go and quote his place…he picked up my number at the grocery store in town and took the little number tag off it…the funny part is only a month before he got my flier in his door…he didn’t remember that flier…funny eh?

Just like today, I do a quote for a guy because of my flier I delivered yesterday. He tells me to go next door and give the neighbour a quote. They didn’t recall my flier at all and it’s only been one day.