Stupid unger wfp brush question

Will unger brushes only fit unger poles? I see on some other unmentionable window-cleaning-supply website that only some brushes are listed as fitting any euro threaded pole. Am interested in the nlite radius brush, doughnut want to buy if it won’t fit my pole. Yummmm doughnuts. Any who… What’s up with that. And also what’s the diff between the nlite and nilte solar? Does one help with my tan?
More ludicrous questions to follow

What kind of pole do you want the brush on? A real wfp or the Unger teleplus traditional pole?


There is no un mentionable website, you can discuss what ever you like here…

The brush will fit any WFP with a Euro tip - any of these for example except the Tucker listed - Water fed pole, waterfed, wfp | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

It would be going on an excel pole.
I will be doing some very high fourth story work, and my realm of experience only reaches three stories. So I had read about rinsing with the brush on the glass and the idea of the radius being able to have bristles on the glass without having to dramatically alter the angle sounds nice
Any suggestions?

As Chris said, it should fit onto any euro threaded tip. I love the Nlite brushes.

Hello, I have the Unger Nlite radius brush on my grafter pole and personally really like the difference. I find I am able get edges, sills with less effort than when I was using the stock brush that came with the grafter pole. I don’t know about the difference between the Unlite radius brush and the solar brush…color?? I hope this helps.

The only difference between the nLite brushes and the nLite Solar brushes is the color. Unger is a big fan of color coding equipment to stop cross contamination between things like bathroom cleaning equipment and cafeteria cleaning equipment. Clearly, window and solar isn’t as drastic as bathroom and cafeteria but color coded none the less.

Hope this helps.

Forgot to mention that Unger brushes are marked down 25% and selling like crazy.

thanks it does help