Sub Contracting Wages/Commission

Hey all! Couple questions and forgive me if they’ve already been asked I’m new to this site. I’ve been cleaning windows for a couple years now and recently became a sub contractor. I was recently hired by a large multi purpose cleaning company to start up a window cleaning portion. Upon starting I found out I’d be bidding out jobs for them. The first one being over 9k. Just trying to figure out what would the appropriate rate/hourly / percent of commission you would recommend me asking for work/bidding out the jobs. Appreciate the help in advance.

50 - 60% for doing the work and a 10% sales commission.

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Hello. To better be able to answer your question, Help me understand the terms under which you have agreed to be a sub contractor. Do you carry your own insurance and have a business license? Your own equipment? Have your own uniforms that show you are a different company? Make your own schedule? Use your own and are responsible for employees?