Subcontracts and percentage

If subcontracting work under my business name, is 80/20 a reasonable percent of the pay when I won’t be lifting a finger…? Just supervising


Check your state laws on subcontracting. Here in Nevada, according to the Southern Nevada director of Workmen’s Comp., you cannot subcontract work to someone that does the same work as you. I asked for clarification, and she emailed me the exact same thing she said.
You will also be carrying Workmen’s Comp. on that. And be taxed on that 20%. It may not be worth it.

they want their tax is the deal, so subcontracting a “person” who would have been an employee yes

but subcontracting an incorporated business a different story and everyone is getting their tax paid

I have never been involved in subcontracting but I don’t think I would do the work if I got less than 80%.

Mee too , and it would also have to be priced really really well.

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