Summer Postcards

Here are a couple oversized postcards I’m working on. Both fronts are using the same back. I know that the words are a little hidden in the second front, but I still like it. I’ll be doing mailings with both. The top one is the one I made last night. I think I like it the most.

I lke the top on too

I would … if possible get the people that wrote these testimonials to let you use there names… That can go allot further and add more weight than initials (CFP wisdom that worked for me )… other than that great card!!

[COLOR=black]My personal opinion is that eight is too many testimonials. I would use that space to the left to do more selling on the benefits of professional window cleaning or get the customer thinking about why it’s important and then a couple of testimonials to confirm. Something like “Mrs. Sherry Jackson switched over to New Albany Window Cleaning this year, because in her words, [I]‘the professional service is outstanding.’[/I]”

I would also dump the certified by the local sheriff thing because it sounds like we have reason to believe that people have previously questioned your background. Something better might be, “background checks are done on all staff members for your protection.”

I would also change the headline “[U][B]make us[/B][/U] the talk of your street too…” - if I’m a consumer, those words make me wonder why I should do anything for you? I want to know what you are going to do for me. “Let us make your home the talk of the neighborhood too!”, would be better.

Lastly, I would edit the photo to show more windows and cover that garden hose that is crumpled by the pool, it distracts from the windows and the gray skies and pool cover reminds people of winter.

Anyway that’s my .02 - I’m not a marketing “guru” so take it for what it’s worth. [/COLOR]

Brennon, they look real professional. Keep the creative juices flowing.

Those are all reasons I like the first one best. I’ll be ordering many more of those!

[COLOR=Black] I guess that I didn’t really understand that there were two. I thought it was a fold over. The thing I see with the first one is that except for your web address, it doesn’t actually say anywhere on the card what you are selling. it has to be inferred from your company name.

It’s a pretty easy inference though…don’t you think

[COLOR=Black]It’s easy, once you see it. What I’m getting at is that you may not get the chance to have it seen if something doesn’t grab their attention first. Your $25 off offer is worded to sound like it’s off the price of an estimate and leaves the consumer wondering if you charge for estimates and what the estimate is for. It has been my experience not to take anything for granted. I am not supposing to tell you what to do, just offering my opinion. If you like it and it works, that’s all that matters.[/COLOR]

Well, I do not really know if any of these will be effective. It is elusive as Steve suggests. People will spend very little time deciphering your coded message (it’s coded because it is not obvious)

On the one side you have your name at the top (change that) and on the other side it looks like you may be a Realtor, roofer, painter… and you do not mention window cleaning (don’t assume they will read down to the name to decipher)

$25 off of what?

I do not care for reversed type (white on a black background) It is normally harder to read as you will notice once one of the cards are in you hands.

You are making this a hard sell because the whole thing is designed in an effort causing fashion.

I have always been against generic stock house photos, as 20 different industries use them. At least use pics of some windows being cleaned. The pictures are supposed to further drive home the message, not distract.

Obsessively meticulous? obsessive people scare me and the word is rarely used in a positive context (know of any?) Do you think everyone knows what meticulous means?

I would tank the whole thing and start over, but that’s just me (yep, that is why so many people love me lol)

be sure to let us know what happens

as a side note, your address side is all about you.

You refer to yourself 10 times using some of these words multiple times:

being the owner

That is just in one long paragraph!

Add that to your name being at the top tells me you are obsessed, with yourself.

I used to do this also, it is tough not to focus on our needs first.

that’s what’s called a “return address”…

I have always been against generic stock house photos, as 20 different industries use them. At least use pics of some windows being cleaned. The pictures are supposed to further drive home the message, not distract.

That’s a clients home…but point taken

be sure to let us know what happens

will do…my first one was terrible and still brought in about $3000 in work off a $110 investment and 300 postcards

Add that to your name being at the top tells me you are obsessed, with yourself.

I don’t think that’s needed. Again…it’s called a “RETURN ADDRESS”. I’m not obsessed with myself.
Why don’t you show us just ONE example of any kind of print advertising you’ve done. I’ve yet to see one!

It’s a letter to the homeowner and I sign at the bottom.

There is redundancy in “obsessively meticulous.”

I’ve changed it to “extremely detailed”

[COLOR=black]I think you are taking this too personal. I agree with CFP and it is not just to be critical of your design skills. It’s your business what you do, but you asked for input. If you don’t want the input, don’t ask, but don’t turn it into a fight for crying out loud. This is about buisness not emotional attachments. If it works for you go for it, but you put it out there for opinions good, bad or indifferent.[/COLOR]

Brennon, I am not sure why you are so huffy. You posted your card on here to accomplish what? Is Kevin’s opinion the only one you feel “justified” with? If you need justification or some bs “proof”, start asking from everyone that gave their opinion for their proof.

I am not attacking you at all. The “letter” was all about you, was it not? Prospects do not care about you.

I bet if I would have said KILLER POSTCARD BRENNON! we would not be having the discussion, now would we.

Post it and it will be judged.

I will NEVER prove anything to you… ask Chris about my “proof”, nuff said.

Different people purchase things (services) for various reasons.

Isn’t it true that when we tell somebody why something wont work there is always a person who makes it work despite the prevalent opinion. That’s often been my observation in life.
It’s not really loving to talk to friends with out seasoning our words with salt, or publicly label a persons character for all to read over one post card.

SALT =(sodium chloride) either of these are not healthy by them selves.
[B]sodium = love.[/B] [B]Love[/B] just to be nice is not beneficial if a person needs to hear the truth.
[B]chloride = truth.[/B] [B]Truth[/B] can tear a person down if not done with love.
Season discussions with sodium chloride (table salt) It’s more enjoyable for all to read.
Thanks, your friend Chris

No, that one was not terrible. If I could get $3000 dollars for every hundred spent I would be a millionaire.

If I did that well with a “terrible” postcard I would not post them on here to be critiqued. You are doing better than most if you are getting that kind of return.

Why do you not see me and now Kevin posting our stuff? Do you see Chris’s ads? I only care if the prospects pick up the phone and call. I do not care what a bunch of people think about my marketing on a forum.

I know my crap, if you believe that or not, I could care less. I was just trying to help. All of my points are valid. Take your postcard to a marketing forum and ask them. Post it here and you will get my view (it is 100% non-personal)

If I offended you it was not meant to. I shoot from the hip and I do not tickle asses. Marketing = money… I take that very seriously.

CFP and Steve…I asked, I got and I’m taking your suggestions to heart. I’ll let you all know how it works out. Truce!