Summertime water pole work

Just thought I’d share a vid of yours truly working away during the hot weather… it is good to reminisce about jobs we did and that we will be doing again in a few short months… all the best guys in 2017.


Love the camo hat, prefect for blending into your surroundings! :wink:

Nice wfp work by the way!

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Nice vid!

What did you use for a camera? How did you stand it up, tripod? I really need to get some sort of set up for this.

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Hey Steve… ya I’m the duck hunter window cleaner Lol…
Thanks for the compliment… I love wfp’ing…

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I just nestled my p+s camera in the crook of a tree… I would suggest a cheap camera that takes at least 720p vid and one of them grabber type stands… I would enjoy watching your work…

Lots of vegetation, looks similar to most of my resi job sites. Most people around here don’t have time for landscaping during the short summers.


Each area has its own distinctions… here the pond was put in as a feature on this one year old building.

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