Sunglasses and Window Cleaning


I wear them too. I take them off regulary to make sure that I’m not missing something on the windows, but if they are not sitting over my nose they’re on my head or ball cap.

I do this too. I’ll wear them inside, but I always take them off if I’m talking to somebody. If I don’t wear sunglasses I’ll get a bad headache that will not go away. Many places I clean has the sun shining in them most of the time when I can clean them… there’s no way you could see everything without wearing the glasses.

I do spend the few dollars extra for the Oakleys. I’ve tried the cheap pairs, but I prefer the Oakleys. The lens just were not as clear and crisp.

Flak Jackets for me.

walmart sells onces for $5!!! Polerzide and they look kinda cool
when you’re like me and shades end up under your butt broken, Oakley’s and Arnette’s are too expensive after breaking them or losing them like once a month


lol :smiley:

If you got a broken pair of Oakleys, send them off. You’ve got a good chance of getting a new pair if you filled out the warranty card. If you havn’t, or don’t have a warranty card, you still got a pretty good shot of getting a new pair. Their warranty plan is pretty sweet.

I’ve found that I’ll loose a million pair of $5 sunglasses before I loose my Oakleys. That’s just me though.

With a good pair of polarized lenses you can spot heat treated glass super easily too.

Check out this video:

I wonder if Oakleys meet any kind of saftey standard?

Micah, do the lenses on the Oakleys get scratched up easily? I’ve always worn cheap sunglasses but I’m starting to rethink this. Just might get me some Oakleys. Thanks for the info.

I’m curious about this. Are you talking about spotting heat treated glass that is not labled in the corner like tempered glass? I’m sure that the vision being so clear and crisp with the polarized lens is a plus but what is it that you actually see that tells you it is heat treated glass if it’s not labled as being heat treated?

I’ve these pair for over a year and they’re still good. One small scratch, but nothing noticable at all. And I don’t baby them really, like some people do. If I’m not wearing them they are in the sunglasses holder in the truck or on the kitchen table. I’ll clean them with my shirt or the closest microfiber.

Most Oakley sunglasses allow you to replace the lenses if they do happen to get scratched though…

I suggest a plastic frame though. A metal frame makes them so heavy that they have a tendacy to fall off if you’re looking down. The plastic ones are much lighter, so they stay on better.

hey! good idea.
no warranty, but I’ll give it a shot.

I’m so bad with glasses…it’s like cell phones to me, I drop them no matter if it’s a $500 HTC phone, so now I get cheap phones.

From what I understand…the Polarization process is the same. It’s either Polarized or not. Oakleys just use more quality lenses and frames…at least that’s what my engineer buddy in Auburn told me last week

It is so funny that someone would bring this up. My eyes are sensitive to the bright sun and I discovered polarized glasses about 2 years ago and fell in love. I buy mine at a local bicycle shop, and I too started out with the cheapies. I never want my customers to think I’m some elitist, or that I am some punk kid who is obsessed with the most expensive or flashy trends. But after my bionic sweat literally melted several frames, crinkled the material the lenses are made of (it was like looking out something with the texture of a brain after a couple weeks) and trying every “cheap” pair of glasses made, the shop finally said we will warranty this [6th] pair, but we insist on putting the credit toward a pair of these nicer Oakleys. I really didn’t want to do it because I had been trying to avoid the perception, but they insisted. I take good care of my stuff, so I knew I wouldn’t lose or break them.

I have had them about 6 months now and the frame’s paint job is metled, but the lenses have held up like a champ… Now to get to a doctor and see what’s up with my sweat!

I wear mine all the time to prevent…snow blindness. Seriously, my shades are closer at hand in the winter than in the summer. A ball cap is the ticket in the summer, but in the winter a ball cap does little to keep your ears from turning to ice cubes and it does nothing to deal with the reflected light from white snow surfaces.


Are you serious? What do you drink? Maybe too much Monster? Perhaps your sweat could be the answer to the holiday paint removal issue.

Does it melt the plastic or just the paint?

Musta been that sweat – and not the SafeRestore – that did in your dogs over at the Biosphere 2 project. :smiley:

I prefer the lightness of plastic frames as well. Croakies help keep glasses from falling off…

My prescription frames are plastic, and the lenses are polarized Transitions (darken in sun; lighten indoors.)

Believe it or not, I only drink water. I don’t drink soda. An occasional lemonade, but nothing like energy drinks, I get hyper naturally.

You have a good point. In fact, as with the paint removal issue, I’m sure my sweat would be quite effective, it’s just the looks I get as I’m rubbing my face and armpits against the glass seem a bit weirded out…

The croakies are a great idea, but I am always trying to avoid the image of a tourist just passing through. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had snow blindness after ski-ing in New Zealend for half a day (no ozone layer). Since then I’ve become more sensitive to light. That was 15 + years a go, before that I hated any kind of face furniture. Now its a religeous to put the sunnies on my head before I step out of the house - even in the evening.

I’ve used Sun Planet sunnies, I usually buy 5 pairs at a time, cheap but good protection. They used to claim that they made all the frames & lenses for Oakley, Versace etc. They probably wouldn’t take the impact test shown in that video though.

I’ve had so many pairs that have dropped from buildings, left on car roofs, trod on, put bucket on, sat on, catapulted after catching on, run over, squashed, flown out the window…I always keep a couple of spare pairs in the van.

I’ve also started using Dewalt own brands & construction sunnies - they make them quite trendy now. They are nearly impossible to break or scratch.

I love the flax jacket with the xlj lens polarized. It wasn’t till I got good glasses like these that I didn’t notice how bad the cheap ones really were. My eyes feel better and most of my headaches have gone away. I don’t think the uv protection on the cheap glasses are as good as they say they are. Besides once you put out $200 for sun glasses you won’t break them. Oakleys are nice lens very hard to break, I will never go back to anything else. I had replaced my cheap ones cause I dropped them on the ground and the lens shattered. My wife said hey lets get you some good ones for fathers day…thank god. a week after I had them I was doing a job and turned from a window and walked around the corner of the house. The gardner was useing a weed wacker next to a gravel driveway. Next thing I know…wham…a rock right to the eye! I was way mad! so mad mad I can not type all the four letter words. This guy scratched my glasses. lol Then I realized I still had my eye to see the scratch. If I was wearing my old ones I would most likely have an eye patch now.

These are similar to what I use…
If you go to any big construction outlet, they have some good deals now.