Super inward angled tall windows. How do I approach this?

I just got asked to do this job. Now I have just started up my company so I have basic tools (pole mop squeegee). Anyone have any suggestions on how to do a good job on this building? (R/O System is out of my budget)

You can pole them. Might be helpful to have a zero degree handle. Those triangular corner pieces are going to drive you nuts if you are new to pole work, though.

Wagtails would work good on those. I think

I’ve done similar windows but not 2 story. A zero degree handle worked well on a pole. You may even try a regular or zero degree squeegee with an angle adapter bent backwards a bit. Its a lot easier than it looks. your neck will be more soar than regular windows though. I would get it and sub it out if you don’t have employees.

Sub the exterior out to a company that has a water fed pole system.

I just started using WFP’s, would a WFP work on this? It looks like you would have a hard time getting a good rinse. Maybe this is a great video for the water fed pole class.

I would WFP it for sure. But I would use my Tecbuk brush personally. That way you can leave the brush on the glass during your rinse.

whatapane are you saying like they show in the Wagtail vids with the angle adapter? At 30 deg? Less?

Yes but inherent makes one and you can use it with any squeegee. And you can angle it forward or back, and it’s adjustable so you can choose the angle that best fits the situation.

Thank you, good info.

Ok you have the basic tools to work with yes.

Use a wagtail to squeegee side wards as in the video.

If you put a wagtail squeegee on the pole with the angle on do a row of windows at a time, or when it is awkward to squeegee any lower.

Then adjust the pole to the next height you want to start from.

It can make it difficult if you are by yourself but not impossible.

As when you scrub the glass, the heat of the day or wind can dry it out fairly quickly.

It would help if there was some body scrubbing a bit ahead of you as you squeegee.

Hope this may help you out.

Hey de, sorry I just noticed my comment was made from my iphone, and the interpretive typing changed the word. The angle adapter is made by Unger not “inherent”. I hate when that happens. I bet WCR carries them.

Thanks again, we are on the same page.

A wagtail squeege would also be of benefit, especially on odd shaped pieces of glass.