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Hi guys,
I have ordered a 45’ SL-X from Sean. I will be making my water at home. I will have a shurflo or flowjet on the truck.

Question. So, 300’ of 3/8" or 300’ of 1/4" I.D. air hose from pump to pole. I did see the one post where the gentleman said he was very happy w/ his set up. He has the shurflo and 300’ of 1/4" airline. My concern is about pressure and flowrate loss. Being from the “bigger is better” school of thought, I am leaning torwards 3/8" line. I am also thinking that depending what fittings and couplers I use, there could be I.D. restiction problems. I guess it comes down to pressure versus flow, there’s always a compromise. There is some really high tech stuff out there now. Not just quick connects but also “push-to-fit” fittings.

Question, does anyone know what size hose comes with the 45’ SL-X. Just wondering about inside and outside diameter.

Well, thats all for now. Any and all thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Thanks again

1/4" is more than enough,… I know some people who use 4mm airline hose without difficulty.

If you can get double layer Microbore hose it is a better option. Hi-vis is less of a trip hazzard, and its tough enough that you won’t be panicing if a vehicle drives over it. Its also very hard to kink.

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Shawn ships 3/8" ID supply hose (mine is red not yellow) with EZ-Snap QC’s.

He currently ships SL-X poles with pole hose has that has a male EZ-Snap QC.

He’ll configure things any way you like…

We use 3/8 hose and small gas pumps and aways have enough power for two simpoles
Phillip Alexander

I just started using 250’ of 3/8" air hose and never seem to have enough flow volume anymore. I was wondering if a pump would be the ticket. And if so, where is the pump placed?

I use a 1.5gpm 100psi 12v sureflo pump placed directly after the tank outlet with 300’ of 8mm (Inside diameter) hose and it works a treat. Leaving the pump to far from the tank or to high above the tank can cause problems.

So you have the pump connected to a short length of hose out of the tank outlet, no separate tank to draw from?

1/4 inch vinyl is ok for supplying up to 1- 1.5 litre per min which is just about enough, 300ft does produce a lot of fluid hydraulic friction so you get less at the end of a long line, then add on the height, try using a hudson backpack instead which will allow a shorter hose. 3/8th internal sounds ok, I would always use single layer thin wall hose.

Hi Folks,
Thanks for all the great input.
To answer your question Danwagner. I “think” I will end up with a 100-125 gallon tank on the back of my truck. There will be a short hose from the outlet at the bottom of the tank to a 12 volt pump. My 300’ supply hose will be between the 12 volt pump and my pole.
My truck is already set up to charge the 12 volt car battery in my slide in camper, so the the battery I use for my wfp will be charging whenever my truck is running.
My RO/DI will be set up at home, and it will be portable if I need it to be. But it will only be a 150 gallon per day unit. I have no idea how much water I will actually use on the average day so I have not purchased a tank yet. I already have a 65 gallon tank to start off with, so I will have something to go by.

There is a ton of great information, and great people on this message board. I love tinkering with stuff and making broken things work. I do all my own plumbing and electrical work around the farm, and I have been doing all my own automotive work since I was sixteen. So if you have any questions I would be happy to share my experience with you or anyone else.

Surf fishing on the Outer Banks of NC is my passion. I have a 40 yr old slide in camper and we spend weeks at a time away from pavement, stores and electricity. So we are always rigging something, or fixing something, from freshwater hoses for rinsing salt and sand off of stuff, to designing and building steel and alumium racks for holding coolers, rods and whatever.

I am really looking forward to getting my wfp going. I will try to post updates and let everyone know my progress.

Thanks again.

At 0.5 (for example) gallons per minute, 150 gallons = 300 minutes = 5 hours
At 0.5 gallons per minute, 65 gallons = 130 minutes = 2 hours 10 minutes

thanks for your input. You should be in real good shape w/your setup.
Outer Banks? I don’t really fish, but I love relaxing down there. We and some friends have a house rented in Rodanthe for a week. Can’t wait!

Thanks again everyone,
Yeah Dan, have a great time. I have a couple of freinds who live down there. I also get my custom rods built in Rodanthe at Hatteras Jacks.
I’m going fishing this fall for a couple of weeks. Kinda bummed I am going to miss the conference in PA. Mid October to mid November is prime Drum season on Ocacroke and Portsmouth.:smiley:

Thanks again