Surgical Towel Differences

Hey all. I have some surgical towels that are amazingly absorbent and others that have a looser weave and less absorbent.

Wondering if anyone has noticed differences in their surgical towels, and if so, where they have found the most absorbent, tightest ones?

I believe Windows 101 has some that are tightly woven. Any help/experiences appreciated.

I think they’ll become less useful if you wash them with fabric softener.

The ones that have less absorbency are new huck towels. Some people just want new ones. They’re not as good though - New Surgical Towels | Window Cleaning Supplies | WCR –

These recycled ones here are what you want. They are the best you can get by far they are what’s called “Misty Blue towels” From what I’ve observed only us and 101 have them.


I guarantee them to be the best you can buy. Super thick, super-absorbent. We go to great lengths to find these.