Surgical vs. shop towels

Looking at buying some more towels, and I’ve noticed a major price difference between surgical towels (whether new or used) and shop towels.

My current stock is almost exclusively surgical towels, but I’m wondering how much of a quality difference there would be if I started using shop towels (like terry towels). From the pictures I’ve seen, the only difference seems to be the size. The texture and fabric composition looks the same to me.

Anyone have a recommendation or insight one way or the other?

Unless you get squeegeelife towels. Xero fish scale towels, or a scrim you won’t find anything worth buying to detail glass.

If you want the best all around towel for detailing and wiping messes stick with the recycled surgical towels.

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i gave up on surgical towels years ago, they don’t adsorb well they don’t remove dirt well and they don’t last well.
i use costco yellow microfibre for tracks and ledges, they do all of the above VERY well.
i was using a scrim for detailing but really hardly use it as i detail the glass with the liquidator.


Those yellow microfibers are the best for dirty work, wiping sills, cleaning tracks etc.

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Our towel quality on these is super high this year. Best surgical towels we have had - super thick. - Recycled Surgical Towels –

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