Sweet job gone bad

We had a sweet job set up today. Local college inside only ( for today) $4000 5 guys. Perfect job on a cold icy day. Just got a call from the supervisor on site, old castle glass so far everything is scratching! ouch

Update: Every single piece of glass is old castle tempered. Not 1 non tempered window in the building. We had half down as a deposit. We got the project manager over showed him the problem. The only way we agreed to continue to work is if

#1 he signed another fab waiver

#2 Paid us for the rest of the job before we continued

#3 signed a separate waiver stating he knew the glass was gonna get scratched.

I sent the supervisor to the bank to get the check to clear, and everyone else started to work. Wonderful a brand new building with badly scratched glass.

Is “old castle” a brand or a style?

The Initial waiver should cover you regardless,Im not sure im following you on #1 & 3?

I had a similar deal awhile back here locally 14 suite office complex ALL old castle never got the gig because the builder disn’t want to sign a waiver.

As for old castle…its a particular fabricator NOTORIOUS for poor quailty heat treated glass.

1,and 3 are “just encase”

I just simply don’t want this to get turned around on us. I’m just covering all angles.

I’ve seen the waiver your running with it seems complete! I would be concerned with additional waivers only because… it may make bring the intital waiver into question? Lawyers love to find fault in things any loopholes etc.

Scrape away old castle

And the sound of fabricating debris being dislodged… Turn up your volume. you will always here it before you see the scratches.

//youtu.be/The Sound of Fabricating Debris - YouTube

WARNING: Sometimes you DON’T hear it before you see the scratches.

Yea your right about that sorry for the miss information.

why scrape the whole window? Is it just a formality or is it necessary? Should you only scrape where there is noticeable debris?

Does it matter? One doesn’t know where the fabricating debris may be anyway.

Yes it does, why ruin every window if only some have noticeable debris on specific areas? If you can’t see or feel the debris, why scrape it off.

For an immaculate job you really need to scrape the whole window. It just slows you down to much to pick and chose what your going to scrape. Its especially difficult on a new construction site where every things dirty.

thanks…I see your point

Sounds as though you’re interested in protecting the builder despite fabricating debris education and a signed waiver…

isn’t it nice knowing that someone is looking out for you! I don’t scrape all residential or commercial windows that I clean, so I was curious why I would do all ccu.

The education you provide proves that you are looking out for builder.

Have you provided CCU service to date?

Not yet, that’s why I’ve got so many questions. Thanks.

Buy a copy of the Construction Window Cleaning Basics Seminar with Dan Fields and the Tempered Glass Defects Seminar with Dan Fields: http://www.stopscratchedglass.com/resources/videos.asp

Read and understand the International Window Cleaning Associations’ Tempered Glass Issues position: http://www.iwca.org/content.asp?ContentID=36

Ensure any work you provide (CCU or otherwise) includes customer education and a signed waiver (example): http://www.iwca.org/content.asp?ContentID=40

Use a hogs hair brush in place of a standard strip washer when applying solution to a CCU window. Use a phosphoric acid solution to release the bonding agents in stucco, mortar, concrete, etc. in place of your standard window cleaning solution so that sand and other particles do not scratch the glass during cleaning.