"Sweet lil' old ladies" on Facebook

Well I started a Facebook for us last year and this is the first thing that has really been good for us. I have posted things and landed a few jobs here and there but it was not life changing.

However the promo I started a few days ago is going great.

 We have already booked several jobs from it and it has reached over 4,000 people (according to Facebook analytics)

 It is called our "Let the light in" campaign.  We are going to give "sweet oil old ladies" free window cleaning each month for the 2013 season.  Rules are:  They have to be over 60 and not able to pay for professional window cleaning services.  

 People are really loving this and are posting people's name to enter them on our Facebook page.  Just thought I would share.

P.s. We will be making a short video of the winner each month and posting that to Facebook as well when we are done.

Good idea

Just so everyone knows…we received well over 5,000 views from this Facebook campaign and ended up booking several other jobs from it! It cost me $20. Well worth it so far.

Ater we do the free cleaning I will post a short testimonial video from the ill old lady on Facebook to promote it again next month.

That’s a really great idea

Awesome idea Joshua! You have got my wheels spinning…