Switching to Virtual Assistants

We are finally pulling the Band-Aid starting the process of switching our entire office except accounting to virtual assistants. From what I’ve seen from others who are having success with it, its a no brainer. We are starting out with Jills Office.

Has anyone else been using Virtual Office Assistants and what are the good, the bad, and tips for transitioning over?

i use a virtual assistant since 2016 but i use my daughter not a service. using a service v hiring direct both have their advantages. i like that she often answers/returns calls in the evening and weekends when other cleaners are closed. no way i could do the volume i do without it.

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Hi Kyle, I’m thinking about using a virtual assistant. I’m curious, how’s it working out for you?

He and I both use Bidslot now.

I used PinkCallers for a year and was very happy. Consistent help. Person came trained on our CRM, they brought some good stuff to our company. We ended up finding someone in house and after a few turnovers I just needed help with answering calls so we use bidslot. Bidslot can do alot more than I ask them to.


Thanks for the update. Merry Christmas!

Still using Bidslot. Mainly using them as an answering service. They have been great for us overall. Our office and team still handles sales and scheduling

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I got lucky and hired a person to do the phone/quotes/scheduling 3 days a week and is doing a great job. 1 month in and so far, so good. Its hard to give up the control.

It’s hard to give up control… but once you do it you will regret you didn’t do it sooner… and you also realize you will find and train people that are better at tasks than you.

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