T Shirts

Just looking at ordering some more t-shirts. Trying to find the most economical way to go. Where do you end up getting your t-shirts from? And what is your typical cost?

I buy my T shirts from a local guy who charges me 8.00 for shirt and silk screening. I pay about 110 bucks a dozen

Do you have a logo with full color or single?

If you have a proforma dealer in your area thay have a huge selection and great prices for anything you could want. Awsome hats also. I did mine in safety orange. People see you from a mile away

We have single color. I have another guy trying to get our business who is about 2 bucks a shirt higher. Go and visit your locally owned sporting goods store. The guy who does our shirts also does the park district and other league team shirts. See if you can find the guy who prints the kids’ league shirts and he might cut you a deal when you buy enough to make it worth it for him.

Our guy just made us a deal that I can buy hoodies or sweatshirts, even from someone else, and he will screen our logo on them for 5 bucks each if I do a dozen

Buy white T shirts and iron on your info. They have the paper for printers at Staples or other office supply stores.

we get our shirts printed locally, 2 color with logo on front and logo with phone number on back… was 9.00/shirt and then we went with thick, much nicer shirts and pay 11.50 a piece now

I buy my shirts usually from the Adidas outlet store. I get the golf shirts with a collar. Run about 16-20 bucks a piece.

I get my company tee’s at logosportswear.com. I like it because there design templates are simple. If you want, you can upload your own design to the template. And there is NO minimum order required.

Blankshirts.com is where we have bought them in the past. $1.88 each for 50/50 cotton-poly. They also have a site call blankcaps.com as well.