Talked to a Property Manager a Need to write up a Bid?

Talked to a property manager today thats in charge of a New Plaza to opened up. Well the Food Loin is the only thing open and the other places don’t have floors yet. She told me to write up a bid for it. But i don’t know where to start. Im going to count up all the windows. Should i count all the windows for each store and write the price or do the total amount for everything? Anyone have a example of a bid they faxed or emailed. Send it to : justinalvarez at


Maybe write up a proposal that reflects the price per window, then price per store space then price for the whole strip. Once those places are rented, the renter usually becomes responsible for the upkeep of their store front. Make sure you make your self known to the new managers as they rent.
Ask if the property owners have other properties you can bid and send thank you cards, reminders, and once in a while, maybe a starbucks gift card. You will have a string of storefronts once they know you by your first and last name.
Good Luck.

Are you bidding on the new construction cleanup of the windows?

No thats already been done I think did not walk up to the places just called the number in the window (out of state). It might need it though. Im going to go by tonight to get a better look and count up all the windows. Whats the price difference for construction clean up per window? thanks,


Double, at least usually more.

[B]topnotch[/B]: You’ve read [B]everything[/B] about fabricating debris, yes? It applies to all heat-treated glass, not just new construction. It applies to all window cleaning service, not just when a scraper is used.

Here’s a proposal listing individual and summing the total.
I gave two options. These were small little places that were identical and the majority of them had signs or other things on the windows making it really easy to do the inside. I priced by the easyness of the job. It would take me less than a hour to do them all… real easy. I also threw in one free inside and out side cleaning with a agreement on service, or basically they signed a 13 month service contract, and the 10 month is the free one so they don’t screw me.

CYB-cover your butt!

Hope this helps.CitgoPlazaTVILL.doc (339 KB)

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