Tape on tinted windows

I just landed my first account today and the owner asked me if I could remove the tape from the tinted windows without damaging the tint. I told him let me do some research on how to safely remove the tape and I’ll get back with you. I’m new to the industry and I’m not sure which product will work the best for the job. So my question for the WCR family: What products and tools work on removing tape and the adhesive from tinted windows?

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I really recently was asked in restaurant to do the same thing. I asked if they had any stainless steel cleaner it worked great. I’ve taken masking tape off tinted windows with a razorblade but you have to have the touch of a Zen master.

How about a brand new plastic razor blade instead of an actual razor blade, with being wet of course?

i dont think it will work. Do not tell the customer you can do it without damaging the tint unless you
want to pay for it.

Try to peel off the the tape by hand and use some WD-40 on what remains, you’ll be surprised how well it works…

You might want to stay away from the razor blades :wink:

WD-40 huh?? I’ll have to try that as I have a few places that have the same thing. But it isn’t just tape, it’s the gummy residue leftover from that 1 inch packing tape. And some places have a great deal of it. Will WD-40 work on that as well?? It won’t hurt the tint will it??

Or has anybody tried something like Goof-Off?? … I think that is what it is called.

Every situation is different. The glue is different. The length of time it has been on is different. The tint is
different. When you take stuff off of tint, you take your chances. I would consider it dumb to tell the customer
you can do it without any damage to the tint.

That’s why I usually leave it up to them to remove it (although I would like it gone so it looks good). Haha, … do I need a “allow me to remove stuff from your tinted window without liability” waiver as well??

do not go near the film with any blade. youre just asking for it. peel what you can and get the wd40 and or alcohol to get the rest. also i would tell the customer that it may not come out perfect.

wd-40 is a really good adhesive remover.

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Man oh Man this is very educational , just one more trick garnered from those who know, and with much pleasure stored into my over loaded bag of tricks Yawl !

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U can use a new blade and the touch of a monk, and or adhesive remover

I’ve used Krud Kutter to remove a number of things from tinted windows, including paint.

Ive been installing tint for 21 years , if i ever have a small spot of adhesive to remove I use a little brake clean on a rag and yes it is a harsh chemical but i can honestly say ive never damaged the film with that, ive installed appox a million sqft and let me tell you most films are very durable but stay away from razors at all costs.

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how about bio clean? It works great on waterspots, fingerprints, I havent tried on tinted windows, maybe someone else has

Bio Clean is abrasive. You really don’t want to use it on tinted windows.